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Default 7MGTE to 7MGE

Yes you read correct, I want to remove from my very fast Supra GT Limited the 7MGTE with R154 and replace it with a 7MGE with an auto behind it. Crazy? Yes but the reason is simple. The previous owner spent an extra $8000 on the engine and had so much fun he could not slow down to run it in so the bores are glazed and it has blow-by real bad. The twin plate Os Giken clutch is quite worn also. I would love to be able to fix the 7MGTE NOW but I can't due to the fact that after 100 years no one has invented a simple procedure where it is possible to leave the head on when you hone the bores. What should only cost me $40 for the hone ends up to be too expensive when I have to pull the head off and purchase expensive new head bolts and gasket. I had a choice, 1) do up 7MGTE and leave it off the road for far too long while working for the money, 2) Sell all the high performance gear and purchase a Lexus V8 to put in it, and 3) buy the 7MGE with auto, computer, auto shifter and standard exhaust for $500 from ebay and put these in while earning the money needed to rebuild the 7MGTE. I took the final option. After searching for a standard flywheel to fit a standard clutch so I could bolt up the R154 without having to spend $1,200 on the twin plate (That is the final thing I want to buy for it, the engine comes first) I had no luck at all the places I could find in Australia, of course I did not look for a new one I would be better off spending the money on the twin plate. But now I have decided to put in the 7MGE and auto, and believe me it hurts, I started to think, what does the computer actually control? Does the computer control the digital dash? Does it control the electronic suspension? What operates the ABS? Is it possible to be able to put that motor and box in my Supra? I can't use the original computer because apart from being a manual turbo it has a coil pack where as the 7MGE has a distributer. Any ideas?

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if there isnt anything wrong with turbo and intercooler and stuff i would just buy a lowmilage 7mgte engine from advanced auto parts its the same cost for the 7mgte and the 7mge from advance not to mention im sure it will be cheaper to just swap in another 7mgte engine with low milage
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Yeah I know what you mean, but this motor has all the high performance gear and if I spend too much on another 7MGTE I will have a lesser motor and will have to work longer than I want to, to earn enough money to be able to rebuild my current 7MGTE as well.
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Default fly wheel

too bad im just seeing this post. i took me 3 weeks to find a fly wheel. i found one on nopi.com they have a lot from what i was told and not too bad in price. it's only 12 lbs also
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sucks to hear that!
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