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Default here you go ppl here is the link first come first serve get it quick l

Originally Posted by mk3supra909 View Post
ive been trying to tell you all look on ebay thats where they go up at you have to catch them ebay ebay ebay ebay ebay or you can rewire them also is national they go everywhere keep looking they show up all the time you just have to get the words right try all kinds of phrases sleepy eyes lazy eyes controlled headlight all kinds they will cum up just be patient my link before was the wrong one srry i had the link to the guy who had them ll day but lost it so if i see it tho ill put it in here ok so rewire is easy all you do is position your lights on "two ppl needed " then test the conector wire harness with a test light just to find you wich one moves the light up and down i think its brwn but im not sure so check it a few times isnt hard to figure out how basicly hook up a switch or switches to the wires and run them back to the harness or wire completely seperate up to u and dbasickly cut the up power wen they get to were you want they only go up you only need a one way swich cuz yeah just spin up and back down looks sick wen you just let them bouce up and down in diffrent motion while crusing into meets fucking clean

ok so one left just found it on ebay click this link it will take you right to it
there you go hope its there wen you look they are universal for all cars mki mkii mkiii you can buy it re fabricate or check out the wiring then sell it again so someone else can do the same or use it thatas what i did so yeahhh or easy way to do it is get you lights to the level you want them with the red knob and just unplug the wire harness they will still work just wont go up or down
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they are super easy to make your self
1983 supra P-type, no cat with 4.5 megan muffler, coldair intake, sleepy eye kit.
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Lol yesterday, I set the lights to the way I liked them, then just unplugged the power going to the motors.
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Can't you just turn that red knob until it raises up to the correct height then disconnect the plug for the motor?
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