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Bruno Molly
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Default Crank bolts...

Originally Posted by IHateHacks View Post
"No offense, IHateHacks, but apparently the 5 impacts that you were using to get the crank pulley bolt off were shit."

Yes I agree the craftsman was a POS, but the titanium series IR and the last one I used that required 120psi were definitely not junk. I talked to some other professional mechanics and they said that I should have used a 3/4" impact gun. And I was just being sarcastic about patenting that little trick. It says it right in the TSRM. I just didnt want to f-up one of the teeth on the flywheel, but when there is no other choice, I quickly overcame my fear.

"By the way, the pry bar in the starter is nothing new."

It wasn't in the starter, it was in the starter hole in the bellhousing. And if you were doing it for years why didnt you drop a dime and help me out before when I was asking- "Except for the starter method, how does everyone else loosen their crank bolt?"

No offense but it seems that most (not all) people here are more about 1-uping each other and claiming that they are superior, then about helping each other. To be frank I really dont care how long you say you've been a mechanic or about how you brag you've done something before. I respect someone much much more when they just drop a hint about what Im having trouble with. Those are the people that make me say damn that guy knows his stuff. Sorry, you just made me mad claiming all 5 of the guns were junk when you've never even seen them, you just make a blind assumption. The guns werent even mine so I dont know why Im even mad. Its the fact that you just come to a conclusion with no information other than they didn't get off the crank bolt. Remember a properly torqued 7M crank bolt is torqued to 195 ft-lbs. Most other manufacturers only require around 100 ft-lbs. Those guns take off crank bolts everyday at a BMW dealership because the crank bolts aren't torqued to 195 ft-lbs. All crank bolts are not created equal, but you should have known that.
Sometimes people use Locktite Thread locker which can complicate things.....You never know what you will find working on something someone else has worked on before you... Jus my 2Cents
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Hi boys n' girls. New to the boards here. Thought I'd chime in on my rebuild project: 1987 Turbo.
The Story:
After a brief road race with a guy that works a couple doors down from me, the car started running bad with missfires and the like. After about a few failed attempts at quick-fixing it, I decided to finally thrash into it and get to the root of the problems.
Pulled the cylinder head and found the culprit!

Head Gasket - Blown between Cylinder 1 and 2. Fail. -.-
After further inspection of the lower end, (Block and pistons) I decided the whole engine was going to need rebirthing. So I sent the block and head out for re-machining.
While that was going on, I decided a fresh engine was worthy of a respectable home so I gutted the rest of the car and prepped it for competition re-assembling. >

And Then things started to brighten up a bit...

Then the engine arrived...

I'll have more pics of the head and other stuff later but, were getting close to going back in with the powerplant.

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(From my thread http://www.toyota-supra.info/forums/...-problems.html)

Hey everyone,

I bought my 88 Supra Turbo with a BHG a while back, and have since done the following to it:

New HG and upper gasket set
ARP Bolts (70ft/lb)
Different turbo head purchased (old was warped .020")
Head machined flat, checked, and valves reseated
Set of completely refurbished fuel injectors (ultrasonically cleaned and flow tested)
Vacuum systed completely gone through and everything is properly connected.
Also tested every coil pack for spark (looked for spark in a removed plug attached to each coil pack)

Feels like a cylinder or two isn't firing.
Here's a video (don't mind the squeak, alternator belt is not tensioned all the way)


The car starts but runs terribly, once the RPMs go past 2500, all power is lost until it drops below that.
If you keep the accelerator floored, it will go up past 2500 RPMS, then fall back to it over and over.

Can someone help me?
I want to get this thing on the road!
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12psi boost
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Originally Posted by IHateHacks View Post
no sense jacking this one as it is 15+ pages long and I'd bet not half the people that look at this thread read EVERY post word for word.

Well I for one AM reading the whole lot, makes for interesting reading (jackers aside ) as I'm halfway through doing my own HG job at the minute, that & the weather/lack of funds mean I'm waiting to get it back together now...

EDIT-: FECK ME, I've just read the rest of this thread from the point at which I posted. Dude this needs locking & all the hijack crap deleting 'cause otherwise it's gonna ruin an otherwise informative & interesting thread on ONE MAN's HG replacement... Mods, can we do this? How come so many complete morons can afford to buy such a lovely car & then ruin it?

EDIT#2-: By complete morons I do not mean the likes of Tony or Devicehead (how's that coming now D?) by the way, so don't go thinking I'm trying to flame people for asking pertinent questions on your own HG jobs. I'm thinking more of people who come on here & say things like "your impact guns are sh1t" or "Grab a punch and a pound hammer. Tap a couple of times on each head bolt " etc. without even taking the time to read into what they're replying to or verifying that what they're saying is not potentially going to cause someone to ruin their engine...
'89 MA70 Supra GT aero 3.0turbo JDM, Rebuilt motor, K&N intake, 3" stainless turbo-back. New turbo and braided line kit...

'89 Honda NC27 400, NC23 cams, open pipe, PC36a shock & possibly Showa USD forks...

'83 Yamaha 29R XJ750E-II, number 69 off the line, only runner in the country? Original except Koni shocks

'95 Honda PC26 CB500R, Winter hack, hateful, trying to sell it
I'm not paranoid, they really ARE after me!!!

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Just tried using a 1/2" IR titanium series impact and it still won't come off. This has got to be a joke. Tomarrow morning I'm using a 120psi (instead of 90psi) 750 ft/lbs rated impact gun. All of the other guns were rated up to 90psi max. If that doesn't work I'll have to bite the bullet and buy the SST's. I wasted too much time and effort trying to save a few bucks.

Except for the starter method, how does everyone else loosen their crank bolt?
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Bill UK
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A couple of post worth looking at Link and Link
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3" Exhaust
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Holy hell that is alot of posts!! just read every one and took me about an hour lol wonderful job on the rebuild man you have much more pacience(and money lol) than me i could nor have put that much attention into the detail i get to frustrated thats why i dont work in a shop only on my own cars. nice work
My work in progress!!!
1989 toyota supra turbo targa top 7mgte, Five speed left hand drive.
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