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  1. Differences between 7M-GE and 7M-GTE
  2. Lexus AFM
  3. No heat? The two most common problems HCV VSV and blower resistors.
  4. MAFT Pro or something newer/better now
  5. Toyota VAFM adjustment and calibration
  6. MKIII 1JZGTE Swap How To! Pic Heavy
  7. Power Steering Pressure Hose Step by Step
  8. Body Dimension Specifications
  9. Valve Cover Bolt replacement
  10. Speedometor / Ma70 Gear ratio
  11. Ma70 gear ratio
  12. APR Head Studs and Head Torque Information
  13. Leaky Targa
  14. Setting 7M-G(T)E Timing
  15. Tail/Brake Light Issues
  16. Dome Lights
  17. 86.5 auto transmission removal HELP!!!
  18. Mk3 Supra Road Test
  19. Fuse box printing
  20. When Alternator Goes Bad
  21. Engine Compartment Pictures?
  22. Hood & Hatch Supports
  23. 7M Sensor locations
  24. Alarm System
  25. '89 Supra - Fuse Panel
  26. How to Hardwire a Super Monitor into your pre 89 Supra
  27. Back Hatch Replacement Struts
  28. Cold Air Intake suggestions
  29. MA70 Fastener / Bolt Specifications / Head Bolts & Studs
  30. Tie Rods & Ball Joints
  31. Got oil on top of your spark plugs??
  32. Blown Head Gasket repair w/pics
  33. starter removal
  34. Possible Newbie Here (Buying a Supra)
  35. orange/yellow light on far left of dash (aka: The Birdcage, Carousel, Old Radiator)
  36. TEMS....Function
  37. Short shifter of a Mk3
  38. Blown Head Gasket Symptoms!
  39. burping the cooling system from air bubbles
  40. Vacuum Hoses and Diagrams
  41. Tire and Wheel fitment Q&A
  42. Helpful Supra Websites
  43. Best bang for your buck aftermarket supra parts
  44. Official lightening the mk3 thread!!!!
  45. Auto Trans Oil Change Made Easy
  46. 7mgte or 1jz-gte???
  47. Automatic to Manual Conversion
  48. How to check diagnostic codes
  49. engines and specs for the mk3
  50. can you run boost?
  51. mk3 supra body differences
  52. steps to modifying your mk3 supra
  53. Help... my car is overheating