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Smile Update: Blown Head Gasket Snake Oil - 8 months later

Update: Blown Head Gasket Snake Oil - 8 months later
Well, it's Dec. 5, 2008 and I wanted to give you on update as I promised.

(Original posting titled: "Blown Head Gasket Snake Oil")

I initially used the the Thermagasket product on April 1, 2008. It is now Eight Months later and everything is still holding and I haven't had any problems since. No blockage. No overheating. No regrets. Temperatures are operating and holding normally as if there was never a problem.

(I recently discovered that the previous owner removed the console light behind the radiator warning light. I suppose he had overheating problems, couldn't or didn't want to fix it, so he simply disconnected the warning light to deceive the next buyer --- ME. .... sneaky dishonest previous owner).

.... but it's fixed and working now. I even replaced the bulb and socket in the dash console so I can at least see if my overflow reservoir level is being maintained at the proper level and not overheating.)

I read other replies to my original post where different manufacturer's products were used and didn't work for other people. I'm amazed that there are two pages of posts and replies after my first posting. This must be a serious concern of Supra owners.

I'm just posting my results to relay my experience, but it's unbelievable how many people want to "kill the messenger" or accuse me of ulterior motives.

Hey, the product worked for me and I'll continue to post the status just to give my experience with this specific product. Can't wait to post after next summer when it really gets hot in Houston. By then, I would have at least 12 months of using the product.

Until then or until if fails...
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Old 12-08-2008, 11:52 AM   #2
500whp yet?
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that's funny i was just thinking about you yesterday. wondering if it was still holding .

amazing !
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Blown HeadGasket info
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Supra Greg
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there are many dif products on market... some will work some will not... It all depends were the gasket blew and if the product can get hold of enough area to fill in.. in other words you got lucky... and if more tryed this before they went threw the thousands it cost to fix right... they might get lucky to...

Long long time ago... bestfriend had a 455 pont block... had small area worn down between 2 cly's.. He filled with jb weld .. put new gasket on.. and drove for over a year...

Mind you this was 25 years ago.. he ran stage IV heads and a 2x4bbl crossram... and ran shit out of it every day...

He got lucky...
Happy you got lucky... and hope it makes it another 8 months... But IT WILL have to be fixed RIGHT oneday...so prepare for this...

good luck ,,, Lucky :}
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Your leak was obviously NOT the usual supra BHG. That being a leak between the combustion chamber and a water jacket. This leak CANNOT be stopped by chemicals because super high pressure combustion gasses push out into the coolant passage.

Keep us informed.
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