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The first thing you need to make sure is that your car is in good running order before you do any modifying
especially check the hg

if you haven't done your head gasket i would definitely suggest doing this first

*get a metal head gasket and a set of arp head studs
at least you're not gonna blow it

if you have a good head gasket or already have done the mhg then we can start with some mods
  • get a filter kit
  • get a 2 1/2" exhaust if you're not planning to go huge power or if you're planning to go huge get a 3 or 3 1/2"
  • if you want quick power you can get an electronic boost controller or get a manual boost controller... you can safely turn you boost up to 10psi and get a whole lotta fun out of it
  • get a set of hardpipes for your intercooler from various websites on the net.. e.g suprasport.com, mvpmotorsports.com
  • get an upgraded intercooler... the more cold air you get the best efficiency for your engine
  • you can either get a fuel cut defender (made by hks... if you have a 7mgte you will need a type K3 fcd) or you can do the popular lexus afm upgrade (recommended to get your car on a dyno to check your air fuel mixtures
  • if you do the lexus you will need 550cc injectors to compensate the extra air... if you do not get the injectors or some other fuel upgrade to compensate you will BLOW UP your engine
  • get your fuel pump upgraded
  • next get your ct26 turbo upgraded to the popular to4e wheel... from 46 trim to 62 trim... talk to your local turbo specialist to see what the right turbo is for you
  • if you wanna turn up your boost even more you will need extra fuel... so fuel pump.. injectors... fuel pressure regulator... i absolutely recommend getting your car on a dyno to check all is AOK...
  • if you haven't done so already you can get a custom turbo elbow done or buy a custom downpipe to get rid of the restriction in the factory one...

now if you've gotten this far... congratulations to you

does anyone else have something to add here i may have forgotten?

good luck to your supra and with your mods
Please use the forum to ask your questions as they will get replied to much faster than pming me

Pics of my build.

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Do a diagnostic first!
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uh, i think you forgot about the 5spd guys. more power and boost needs a clutch. by next week i'll have a centerforce dual friction in mine, only because i got a really good price on it. i dont remember you posting on the ignition system, suspension or brakes either.
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Tires, shocks, springs, and sway bars and if you believe in them, strut tower braces. I also remember seeing a brace that goes on the inside of the car in front of the back seats.

Those are in order pretty much, tires will make a HUGE difference on how it handles and accelerates. All the other things are meant to kepp the tires on the ground and planted, but the tires are still the main part of the equation, don't skimp on em.

Also, you can go with bigger breaks from Wilwood, but factory breaks are really nice as it is.

If I recall correctly the Mk3 Supras pulled just under .9g's on the skidpad off the showroom floor...better tires will help a lot compared to tires from then, so it's not like Supras are slouches on the twisties...
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