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wow I'm new here and I'm trying to buy a supra, and I came by one of these ads, that I couldn't resist I email him for more info... I found this ad on ebay. Thank god for this thread, I would have went for it.
Hello there and thanks for your interest.

First of all i want let you know that I am the first owner of the car.The car is in perfect condition,with no scratches on it,no damage,Always garaged, Always covered, meticulously maintained Everything about this car functions perfectly.Incredible power, handling and reliability.It is still US registered so there will be no custom taxes to pay.
If you are interested in buying, the price is $5,700 US.
All the manuals and the original documents are in English.It is made for US market and has US specs on it.The buyer will receive this along with all papers and receipts that he needs to register it in his name.He will receive the TITLE,keys,owner manual...
It has a Clear Title and it is in Showroom Condition.

I am located in London, UK were i own a business.The car will be shipped from here on my expense. Shipping will be done via Lufthansa Air Cargo or FedEx and the car arrives at your door in 4 days.

The transaction will be done through Ebay. I am registered with their Vehicle Protection Program and they will handle the trade. Your funds will be 100% insured by Ebay until you will receive and inspect the item, and I will be sure that I will receive the payment.
You will have 15 days from the time you receive the car to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.

If you wish to proceed, please provide me your full name and shipping address so I can initiate the deal through Ebay.

As soon as I have this informations I'll start the official procedure,and eBay will notify you about this. You'll also receive important guidelines + instructions from them (please go through them exactly). I'll handle the shipping, so this will be free of charge for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

David Ross
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Red face Lol

Long time have i seen those ever since i got in the market for a Supra.. man and well i didn't have anyone else advice but what i did Do was Google it... Google will search the whole net for any reports on the supra and the Story there was a site i stumbled upon and it had various postings of scams and the people who fell for them and the amount they lost... i guess they are trying to track the Person (people) responsible for it.. honestly if they find him/her.... i can only imagine.

best way to check for scams is to Research.. and as a 20year old i can honestly say ... all i need is a slight amount of proof to drop the bait. then again i go by many old phrases and sayings. " if it's to good to be true, it probably is"

but hey some people say i got an old soul so, it may not apply to all kids
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Old 12-31-2007, 09:02 PM   #43
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Default Scams by Scums

I told one of these guys to open an escrow to transfer title at the Chartered Bank of London and have them contact me. It's fun to hear the bullshit reasons they come up with as to why they cannot comply with sensible suggestions.

The internet cafes in Lagos, Nigeria are full of these losers. They do, however, have a degree of entertainment value. Many people enjoy "playing" them.

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Old 05-15-2008, 11:05 PM   #44
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i am in car sales and received one of these emails from someone in Italy looking for cars to buy....you would not believe the interest he expressed in the "phantom" 1972 Ford Pinto wagon for $15,000 that I emailed back to them...heh heh..scammers!
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Old 06-17-2008, 11:22 AM   #45
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im 16 so i have not alot of wisdom but i know this is fake!

wow how lame. guess i am kinda smart but yea if anyone finds a real one pass it on lol
find a fake one pass the e-mail i wanna mess wit their minds!

lol wat a messed up world
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one of those scams happend to my mate ?7000 he got robbed
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wonderful! thanks for the info..

Telemarketing companies lists - Outbound telemarketing services
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Oh boy, I can't believe some people still fall for the same old scams. I guess it just comes down to what one guy said earlier on, about being young, having the cash burning a hole & wanting a Supra more than anything.

You can ALWAYS tell these scams though, simply by the godawful grasp of the English language that the "seller" has i.e. "payment will be done also in here" or "We can talk upon the time about the price but i think i choose the right one" or even "The car is registered in United States and it has clear title.You will get from me the keys the title and all documents to register the car in US," (These examples all being from one single scam!)

That last one cracks me up, it's registered in the United States & you will get the documents to register it in the U.S. Where's the U.S. when it's at home, U.(nder the) S.(ea)?

It's a shame that the companies used to facilitate these arsehole's scams don't do more to protect people & it begs the question (especially with the obvious damage scams do to their reputation) if they, or more specifically whoever actually owns/runs these companies, are getting something out of it themselves.

For example could Square-whateverit'scalled or others be run in the U.S. but be owned/managed from an office in say, Nigeria, where the main man not only collects his legitimate salary from the legit. side of his business (and keeps the authorities happy/their backs turned, over there by donating large percentages of this "clean" money to worthy causes etc.) whilst also collecting a share of the odd 5k/3k/1.5k cheques/drafts that his friends "Jason" and "Dave" et-al procure from the poor, trusting individuals who just wanted a bargain supercar?

Conspiracy theory I know, but the amount of "effort" these companies devote to stopping/catching scammers compared to what their policies say really does make me think. Maybe it should make you think too?
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I'm not paranoid, they really ARE after me!!!

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Bill UK
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Default Defiantly Different

Bit Different ! Ebay check out the photbucket links as well at the bottom of the page.
Photobucket Links.

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OMG! Hommer's selling his car?!?! He's definitely got an odd sense of how things should be done... he is/was a regular over a supramania. Wow, I'm stunned, I never thought he'd throw in the towel.
If something breaks or you need to contact a member of the administration please post HERE. Unless it's a private or administration matter please post it on the forum. It benefits no one else if car related questions aren't posted for future users and takes away from the time I'm able to spend helping on the rest of the forum.

If you're so inclined I'm always more than happy to accept tips via PayPal.
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