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Originally Posted by Bobbyvan View Post
It is all a scam
Indeed it is, then again makes me wonder how many people i can scam. Its kinda sad.
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Damn, Shows you how out of the loop I am I had actually thought the price had come way down on these cars but I would not have been stupid enough to pay a deposit under those terms.
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Most of the time you can just put in the vin number and see where the car was being sold on some site like speedforsale.com. They even use the same pictures, I get that a lot, I like screwing with them though, and you would be surprised if you tell them that you are getting an loan and the loan company wants a copy of the title emailed to you they will give you some edited title. Its funny when they say its a Texas tag and the state stamp says Iowa. Also they normally don't think about changing the peoples names as far as the gov officials that are on the things, look up the persons name and see if they are even an official for the same state as the title says its from. Ill have to dig out some of the stuff I have and post some of the fake titles I have gotten.

Btw my favorite was the guy that I could not call because "I run my own business and my phone is tied up all the time with internet" haha dial up home business hu

The best one is a friend of mine was selling his car and the guy sent him a fake money order for $7000 and he wanted $3000 for the car, he said it was a mistake and wanted him to western union the money back to him so he could come pick up the car. So my friend told him he didn't like using western union and if the guy sent him $5 he would put the money in a box and mail it back to him. The best part is is got a $5 bill in the mail a week later with a return address in Alabama, so that was given to the police and don't know what happened from there.

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lol lol lol , hey good good topic, I visit my self every day craiglist and ebay " every fricking day" looking at the supras for sale. man if you now about scam you will pee your self when you see this stupid people trying to sell something they dont have, most of the time you will see that their e-mail is from gmail and theres no address or phone # , pleople please try to frick with them but not get used to do it a lot because remember they have your e-mails. I have the addiction of just looking at this monsters on wheels that I can tell when theres a new one for sell . TAKE CARE MY SUPRA FRIENDS. Q

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i justread those emails and got a quick laugh
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