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Default Input Please what should I do with this supra?

Hi guys my name is Jeremy and i am new to this forum any and all help would be gladly appreciated.ok so for at least six years I have had this supra sitting in my yard and i'm just wondering if you guys think its worth it to fix or should i just part it out. it is and 87 7mgte 5 speed targa top supra. the reason it has sat for so long because it is my uncles car and from what he told me is that it was running but he took the crankshaft pulley off for some reason and then put it back on but forgot to tighten it down so it ended up breaking the crankshaft at the end. because of his financial status he never got to fix it and refused to give/sell it to me years ago when it was in better condition. the body is in good condition needs paint job and targa seals replaced. it is leaking water into car. if i did fix it i prob would just take out all interior and put a racing seat in it. the dash is cracked pretty bad from years of sitting in the sun. the car doesnt seem to have any rust on it that i can see. i live in FL if that means anything. it just looks like all rubber lines and seals going bad in engine bay and was told it would probably cost more than its worth to get car running. uncle said he had stock turbo rebuilt once before and they modified it to make it "better" spool faster i guess and bored out the hole or something. not sure. he also said he has had the top end rebuilt before and they bored the the engine and installed bigger pistons. not sure of the size. but im just wondering what you guys think i should do with it. new to the supra world but i do have a z32 that i work on and will eventually performing a tt swap on so im not completely inexperienced and am very willing to learn more about supras if it is worth it to fix up and get it running. so my question is, do you guys think i should keep and work on this car? and if so what, for starters, do you think i need to get this car in running condition ( besides crankshaft lol)?
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Wsup man, welcome! Well from the looks of your situation with your supra, it seems like you need quite a lot of work to get it back and running. Well if you were to bring your supra back to life, i would probably go for a swap or a rebuild the engine, even though you did say it was slightly rebuilt or what not. Being that it sat for a while as you said, probably for a couple of years, you still dont know the condition of the engine yet. If you have the time and money to invest into it, then more power to you, cause for me I Love Driving my Supra every single time!
And if you could provide some pics we could probably help you decide whether its worth fixing
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if there is not any rust on the body and interior is ok and your crank is all thats broken i would fix it up,i would take the motor out put it on a stand and work it little by little this is if you have another car to drive. a broken crank sucks but thats no reason to part it out, while on the stand you can see the extent of the damage and go from there. if your uncle installed bigger pisonts im gonna assume he installed new bearings and rings all it might need is some gaskets,seals, and a little tlc(not to metion a new crank) but pics would help alot
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Pics would definitely help. But you do have the total package. It's hard to good a decent Supra (MK3 that is). That is a Turbo, Targa, Stick. Post those pics and hopefully it's not in too bad of shape.
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thanks guys. the interior was good but car sat in the weather for last five years or so and somewhere in that timeframe the targa began to leak so most of the interior is pretty much useless. was going to get pics up but after six years or so my uncle finally decides to move the car. which is odd that it was literally two days after my first post. not sure of the details but i think he sold it to my other uncle as a parts car for a project truck so kinda kills any plans i had with the car. it was a beautiful car just a few years ago but that florida sun tore it up. if i had gotten to keep the car was probably going to gut the interior and fix the motor and pretty much make it a track car. either way that car is out of my hands for now. so guess gonna keep tinkering with my z32 until i come across another good mkiv for a great price then ill be back :-)
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