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Default Begginer to SUPRA and cars, I GOT A FREE SUPRA, PLEASE HELP!!

Hey guys, i dont really know that much about cars but i know the basics. Through out my childhood and teen age years i've seen supras around and my sisters bf actually owns one. I always admired supras and now that i started working and gotten a licensed ive been looking at MK3 supras for around a month now. Trying to find a good cheap affordable reliable one. However I came across an AD on Craigslist. This is how it reads

I am GIVING AWAY a 1989 Toyota Supra as a parts car. The reason why I am giving it away is because I am moving in mid-June and absolutely must get rid of the car. Please take note that I do not have a title to this car and the VIN# has been removed, though I don't know why. Car cannot be driven due to the transmission being unbolted, must be towed.

Hood, Fenders, Front bumper, headlights, wheels/tires, LSD, brakes, and everything under the hood can still be used.

If anybody would like this FREE car, please contact me at *******. Sorry i don't have any pix. I also have some misc. parts lying around so if you would like them you can take them with or without the car, yes these parts are also FREE. The main idea is to get rid of all of it.

The extra parts I have are:
1989 Toyota Supra Autmatic Transmission (has a problem with the neutral start switch i think) plus torque converter and driveshaft
1989 Toyota Supra Hatch (tinted, but peeling. can't see out of it at all)
1987 Toyota Supra Hatch (missing shocks)
1989 Toyota Supra Stock Exhaust (removed from cat)
Charcoal Canister for an MK3 Supra

Once again, everything listed in this ad is FREE, please call or email if you are interested and we can set up a time to pick up the parts or the car. My number is *********. "

So basically i called the guy up and i set up a time to get it towed. I read how it says NO VIN OR TITLE and thought it was probally stolen. But for free i didnt really care except paying 30 bucks to get it towed to my house.
When it came i noticed that the car was pretty crappy. there were no dents but there was no back hatch(I have to go pick that up at a later time). The Side of the doors were stripped and the interior was a wreck. The seats were teared up, there was no tranny, but there was the wheel and the dashboard was still there. I read the odometer and it read 200,000 I was shocked. a free car with a 7mge with 200,000 miles. I popped the hood and I took a look at everything, the engine looked pretty good. everything seemed to be there. The guy told me it prolly needs a new battery and just throw a tranny in there and it should run. So from here i dont know what i should really do. I really want a mk3 supra and this is perfect for me to experiment and learn more about cars.

I am willing to put max 2-3 thousand in this car, do you guys think is it worth it.
But what i am concerning is the NO VIN AND TITLE. IS there anyway for me to legally register it and somehow get the title. So should i just sell the car as a parts car and use that money to get another supra. Will the car have any value and how much ? I dont really have nothing to lose since i got this car for free. Please give me some advice since i dont know really whats the best, and sorry, i dont reallly know much. But i would really appreciate the advice. Thanks!

I will try to have some pics posted up tomorow .

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FREE STUFF!! why not take it... its not gonan hurt lol and if the car is un moveable or tooooo expensive to repair u can reuse the metal and parts and peice in another car... FREE << keyword
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VIN numbers are all over my '88 Supra. The windows on mine were etched to provide some theft deterence. But there are several places on the car the VIN can be found, like the plate on the dash, which sounds like the one removed, on the inside door frame with a barcode, on a plate under the hood on the passenger side, and a secret location on the frame or inside a body panel, for only the police and Toyota to know. The second important one is the one located on the inside door panel. All the emissions testing places here in Atlanta use this one, because the barcode scans in the VIN to the testing equipment.

Some state DMVs will register an older car with just the bill of sale. Others will require a title search. Check with your local DMV to find out. Here in GA, a bill of sale is all that is required with a car 15 years or older. CA, right?
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u can buy a good turbo mk3 for 2-3k so just take off all the good parts and junk that car
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You Bastard!! I want a free one to pop up near me..
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Default Part the car out

Sell every piece of it you can on ebay and craigslist. When you are done selling you will have the cash you need to go out and get a good running car. I disagree with the assertion that you can find a good running turbo for 2-3K. If you want a nice car be prepared to spend 5K and find one with the mods already in place. A 2K MK3 Supra is most likely gonna have some issues way high miles or just be plain ugly. These cars are getting hard to find and the value of parts and demand for this car is increasing. Be cautious when buying any turbo or Supra, people don't usually let them go until there is a good reason why. That reason could end up setting you back a ton of money to repair. You can easily get 2 grand out of any Supra parting it out add your 3k to that and you will have a sweet used car. Check out ebay and what the bottom line is for a good low milage turbo MK3 it surely is not 3K. Would you like to buy my car? I would sell you my non turbo 87 for 3K. The only reason I would do this is because I know of another one for sale near me. Just checked ebay and there are a couple of Automatic Turbos sold up there for 3K but I would certainly bring all my tools with me to check it out before I would buy.

Just surf around in here and try to get an idea of what these guys put into their cars in time and money. Time is money! Oh I see you are in CA. Oh well guess you won't be buying mine then, but seriously, the car sounds too far gone to rebuild unless you really have a lot of time and find a second parts car. You might look for another parts Supra cheap and then combine the two but be prepared to spend a lot of time with it and keep in mind what your time is worth VS just spending the money on a nice car.

Hmmmm, Maybe I need to sell mine and upgrade to that turbo I always wanted..... Hmmmmmm

Here is a 2k MK3 Turbo on ebay.... Do you want to take a chance on this car? .


"This vehicle DOES NOT have a warranty and I will NOT accept any returns! Car is being sold AS IS!"
1987 N/A 7MGE Left Hand Drive MK3 Red 5 Speed and Black Auto Supras
My Next project is the Batmobile!

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