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Talking 7M-GE to 1JZ-GTE, questions

OK guys, you may remember me way back when I first got my supra. Replaced radiator, distributor, etc. Now it has bad rings on top of the never solved odd idle issue. Thankfully I found a local mechanic that works on cars like mine and is a friend of a friend so his prices are very good.

The plan is to pull out my very much worn out 7M-GE with a quarter million miles on it, and put in a 1JZ-GTE with 50k on the odometer. Of course this also includes the transmission, inter-cooler, computers, etc. I've also requested that if the stock turbo pressure release doesn't have that nice PSHH to it to put on aftermarket blowoff valves as well -- pointless I know but I love the sound.

I've been told that it can be set up to get about 300hp out of the box as is. I was wondering what changes would I be looking at to push it up to the 400-450 range in the future? After the swap I'm going to work on finishing the interior and finally the exterior, but want to go ahead and start saving up for the first set of engine upgrades in a few years.

Really really excited about the 1JZ, I'm so tired of looking at "The Smokenator" and not being able to drive it for months on end.. a few months and I'll finally have it in good condition.
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The 1jz comes stock with 280hp so just by turning up the boost some will get u to or over 300hp. But I've read that the stock turbo don't last long on high boost. But u should put a new clutch in as u have it out unless it's a auto.
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whats this guy charging you?

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He's not 100% sure of the grand total, but he said he needs $2200 at least to start out to go ahead and order the engine (comes with trans and computers) and he'll keep me in the loop and checks with me as we go from there -- the rest is the smaller fabrication parts and labor. He says there are a few things he's not completely sure about, like if the guages will still work (says they SHOULD but not 100% certain), as well as how much fabrication will be required to put in the intercooler. He doesn't see it going over $4000, and that's including everything for the swap, as well as other things like replacing my rotors and brakes (they are warped and the brakes are pretty much gone, I can attest to this being true) as well as replacing the stock big fan with electric ones -- something I requested.
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under 4k seams reasonable with the above stated mods/parts. with the amount of wiring and everything that needs to go one, parts can add up quick as well as labor. driftmotion sells about everything under the sun for the 1jz swap so use them to your advantage, i think your getting a decent deal for someone doing the work for you.
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