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Smile Hello from the newbie!

Whats up guys? Just purchased my 1st Supra today. 86.5 n/a car. Planning on making it a track day car. It has a blown head gasket now. Plan on having it ready for the NASA HPDE weekend @ road Atlanta in march.. Any help in tricks to get this thing going would really help.

I am a mustang guy. But I like ALL cars. I'm a mod on Street Car Forums - auto forum uniting car and race enthusiast everywhere! - Powered by vBulletin Just a diehard car guy.

I'm going to be looking for a roll cage, brakes?, and other stuff to get it track ready. Also if anybody knows any tricks to do to the head while its off to get more power out of a n/a car feel free to chime in.

thanks again for any help you might give
Micheal Peden
Dalton, ga

PS anybody know if Jeremy Blackwell is on this forum? Maybe Ivey Johnson, some old supra owners in the ATL area I used to run around with.
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12psi boost
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Hey man welcome to the supra world. Umm the names of the two you mentioned I have not heard of, but i'm also not the most active here. And as far as the rebuild, Do you have any plans of your own yet? Since it's going to be a track car would you perhaps plan on putting a turbo on it later? if so the guys here prob have a few recommendations for the rebuild.. well enjoy your supra man..
'86.5 Supra - A/T - N/A - JDM
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Location: Dalton, Ga
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Thanks for the welcome. I had not planned on doing a turbo. We are planning on doing the NASA High Performance Driving Education days so get a racing license so we can do the Enduro stuff. I feel like the car has more bang for the buck. A mustang or camaro would be faster in a straight line, but this car will turn, brake and be more stable I think for learning the ropes. I think maybe a turbo would be nice down the road though. thanks for the reply.

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