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I am new here, but glad I found ya! I have a 1983 Supra, 5mge, that has been sitting for about 2 years, since it overheated, and caused a major oil leak. I have decided to breathe life back into this old gal..we have been through two thefts, and a few miles. Anyhwo, the current problem involves my fuel pump. I have the external model. When I tried to move the car last year, it would not start, so after checking this and that, I got a used pump from a pick-a-part. Car started up just fine! problem solved...BUT, when I tried to move it again, a few months later...SAME problem.!! Ok, so I was at the pick a part again, last week, and picked up another pump...($10)..installed it, crossed my fingers, and sure enough, starts just fine, idles like a champ. So, whycome, I go to start it today..and no action? She kicks over with starter fluid, but won't stay on..put about a gollon and a half of fuel into the tank, no change. Fuel guage reads nada, but I know there was fuel in it, plus the additional. Could something be killing these pumps? Have lost light today, and just a little peeved, but will bench test the old pump tomorrow..but if anyone has any hints, or obvious places I can start, I would appreciate it.
PS...I fix computers by trade, so be gentle.

Thanks in advance!!
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sounds like a tricky one

you got a pick-a-part... are you in NZ?? or do they have that exact name elsewhere?

maybe the pumps are being burned out?

try bench testing the old one before you go and get another one and see if there's any life... let us know how that gets on
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No, not in NZ, in California...Yeah, they got lots a pick-a-parts out here...Gonna bench test the pumps (both of the ones from the junkyard) later today, if I get the chance....Then just want to get the thing in the back, so i can pull the head, etc...
Will update with bench results...
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If it sat for a few years, you might have a lot of junk in the tank that is clogging the pump. Also, the pump's seals inside will break down from the fuel if it sets too long.

Try cleaning out the fuel system, fuel pump, fuel filter, ect..
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if there is sludge in the tank besides having it boiled out, the sock filter on the pick up line might be bad. maybe its letting sludge in and causing havoc on the fuel pumps youre using. you can take out the gas gauge from the trunk and maybe clean it up a bit and get it to work or at least from that opening youll be able to see whats in the tank some. i got an 82 supra for free that was sitting for longer and i got most of the kinks worked out. if you turn the car on there should be a check connector that you short and its by the air flow meter thatll let you know if the pump is running. hope this helps!
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if i were you i will try to test or if can i will replace the fuel filter first n start again n see if it work. let me know how you get to work.
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A couple of things to test would be, the fuel filter and also considering the age of these vehicles, you might want to check the resistance in the wiring to the fuel pump. I havent worked with supra's a ton but I have worked with a bunch of toyota's, and this has been the case 2 times. Just an idea. Also, check the main relay, I dont know for sure or not but in earlier cars the fuel pump relay is built in with the main relay, and when these relays get old the wiring in the board likes to get a hairline crack in it, so it also could be the relay, somone correct me if im wrong though.
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I had a problem just like that awhile back..Just get it over with and drop the tank and flush it out..Get your self a new pump..The ones out of the pick a parts have been sitting also and once put back into service it just chews them up..Dont forget to put a filter before the pump..Then swap out the filter..Flush the fuel rail and clean the injectors..After all of that you should be just fine..Bridge the fuel pump check connector and turn the key to on for about 20 seconds then turn off and repeat 3 to 4 times and this should pressurize the system and you can fire it up..If you still get the same results as before then you could have a faulty ECU on your hands.. Good luck and keep us posted..
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