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walbro fp
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Smile Good Karma

Some of you may remember that I posted here about a month ago that my car door was hit by a truck. I only asked the guy for $300 to reimburse me. I caught some flack from the readers who said I was being too nice but one guy, Dan, wrote "well I agree that if someone causes damage to you they owe you, however its nice to see someone so honest and reasonable. Its all about karma and you clearly have great karma. It'll come back to you in a good way. its nice to hear there are still some good people out there. Dan". Well, yesterday, the guy finally sent me the check (after 2 calls where I quoted scripture about Jesus saying "Let your 'YES' mean yes and your 'NO' mean no"). I go cash the check yesterday and on my way home some guy who lives up the block is blowing his horn at me and waving his arms like a friggin nut. I pull over and he asks if I want my door fixed. I said yeah, but how much? He says about $300! I ask if he knows what he's doing and he says he works at an auto-body shop but got sent home that day and opens his trunk and he has all his tools there. Anyway, I park in his driveway at 1 pm and at 3 pm I walk by with my dog. He's got the job done and it looks great. everything flush, door opens completely and closes nice and tight. So I guess Dan was right. It came back to me in a good way. Jesus once said "anyone can love their neighbor, even the tax-collectors do that, but I say unto you, love your enemy also". Well, I was down in the dumps, but now I got my baby lookin pretty good again. You were right Dan. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Y'all.

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Default re: good karma

I guess I should say "you're welcome!" I wasn't looking at giving you any advise, as you were clearly entitled to do things directly with his insurance carrier, but I was so impressed to hear how you handled things. There is nothing worse than hearing of people "sticking-it" to someone because you felt that you paid insurance premiums for years and you had this one coming to you financially by being rewarded financially thru his insurance company or from him directly. So many people would taken him to the cleaners...so to speak, or would have claimed they were injuried then collected who knows what for an injury, when in fact there was no injury, just to make the insurance company pay you off to make you go away. So, in short, it was so refreshing to hear that there are still good hearted people out there like you. I do believe that this will come back to you tenfold. Good energy given off by you comes back as good energy to you. If you stick with the way you treat people and look at things such as this unfortunate event with your car in the way you did you're going to be a wealthy person in life, maybe not financially but with your life in general. I would love to consider someone like you as a good friend as you truely are a rare person.

take care and hope to see more positive from you here.
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