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Okay Z
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Default Thinking of getting a MKIII,some Qustions,and how dose it compare to a 300zxturbo?

Hi,I am thinking of buying a supra MKIII turbo and have some qusetions,I had a nissan 1984 300zx turbo for about a year,and then nearly totaled it out[about a month ago],I know a retired body guy that might be able to help me bend the body back and fix it,[I might get it done before hell freezes over but maybe not]anyhow I am thinking of a supra MkIII turbo as a replacement[can't afford a mkIV] how does the MKIII compare to the Z?

They both have the same power stock about 200bhp,from what I looked up,but teh Z you could just install a manual Boost controller,K&N cone filter,turn the boost to 8-10psi[stock was around 5],and you had around 240 RWHP,Can you do easy mods to a supra to get that power?

You could also get the Z up to 400RWHP relitivly easy,with the mods above you just needed to add a hybrid turbo[500]intercooler [400]walbro fuel pump 100,racing clutch 3500,MAF 350, and a few other mods an viola for around 2000 you could have 400RWHP,can you easly and affordably get the supra to have that power?my Z was stock running around 8-10 psi,when totaled it, about a month before I was going to start the overhaul.now since I have to buy the supra first I won't have the money to mod it for a while but I hear there is a lot of potential for the supra,but is it affordable potential?

Also how does it handle compared to the Z?Everybody says that the Z's handle great compared to other cars [mine handled pretty good but the fron't struts were going out]but I havn't driven many other cars to compare.

One last question,you guys\girls say the supra is heavy,but the Z weighed around 3100 stock and is considred relitivly light,but the supra is called heavy but only weighs 300lbs more,I mean thats only 2 small pasengers or one big one,does it realy affect performance noticably?I am not talking drag racing and 10ths of a second but normal cruising\road racing.

Thanks for the answers,I did try to search but didn't find anything.
Oh here is the link for the car.
How much do you htink it's worth?

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Lexus & 550's
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Hmmm they sound pretty similar. I think the Supra turbo is rated more like 240 hp and 210 or so torque stock. The heads are what makes the difference between the two. The 4 valve Toyota is more efficient and can rev higher. The Z cars have always been great cars though and so many mods were and still are made for them.

I know that if I put a 200 lb passenger in my car, I can feel the difference in performance. The turbos seem to respond about the same and many stock bottom end Toyotas can reach 450 and still be reliable, after that well....... The mods are out there by putting stuff on it from upper end V-8 Lexus cars.

To me the stock suspension makes the car handle like a dump truck. Not that bad, but the sway bars are hollow and the car sits too high and needs better shocks and springs. The Supra drives like a grand touring car, quiet and smooth but trying to make it feel nimble will take much modification to the above mentioned items. The brakes are very good, but according to the comparisons on the non abs car and abs car, the cars stops in the same distance.

Leather interiors usually go bad and they almost all end up with seat covers. I think I personally like the veloure covered seats. I swapped my torn up leather for the other stuff and I felt more secure in the seat, it seemed like it didn't let you move around as much and felt more firm and they were the same age as my old leather seats, but not a rip in them!

The car looks pretty good, but for that price really try to look it over good before you buy it. If it has the tems system then the shocks are probably shot and need replacing, but you don't have to go back with tems shocks, unless you are rich of course, then I would go for a MK4, but I like my 87 turbo supra, better of course once I replace the head gasket!!!

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500whp yet?
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Personally, I would not buy a mk3 turbo for 1000$. It is probably full of problems. Almost definatley has a blown head gasket... Dont plan on spending less than 2500 for a nice mk3 turbo. More for a really nice one. I bought my n/a with worn seats. no power steering, no speedo, and no horn for 1000, and that was a good deal. Plus that car is just plain old ugly lol, but thats a matter of opinion
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12psi boost
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I bought my 86.5 for 2k and it had very few issues at all. Mostly just cleaning, tuning, tires, stuff like that.

I also owned a 25th anniversary 300ZX Turbo. From memory since I didnt own the cars back to back, I would have to say the Z handled better. More than just being lighter, it felt lighter. But I have aged some since then and I prefer the Toyota ride now. Of course I lowered my Supra, added slotted rotors, and front middle floor and rear Strut bars, so it handles much better now.

The one thing about the Z was it was more prone to engine problems than my toyotas have ever been. Sure the 7M motors blwo head gaskets if you boost em too much or dont take care of em, but my Z was forever having issues. Fuel injector problems, ECU failure, and oil leaks were just some of the issues I had. This could have just been a bad car, or poorly maintained by the previous owner, but I finally had enough of it.

My only other comment is I just think the Supra looks sexier. My anniversary edition looked nice in silver/black/gold, but my plain white Supra still looks better

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500whp yet?
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I have heard that the 300s have massive rust problems, adn the engines are bad too. I dont think the supra handles crappy...it does body roll a lot, buy it is very stable on the highway and through turns, It is hard to get out of shape and its easy to drive for beginners, and like any car in the hands of an expert, well handle its ass off. My supra, with crappy 215 tires out handles my aunts 98 trans am. I can go around a local jug handle at 45-50, she can do it at 40. And thats saying a lot, becuase those trans ams are sticky. The supra did .87Gs out of the box in 1987.
Yay the supra assistant is gone!!! WEEE!!
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