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Exclamation Supra '89 with 5gte engine problems.

First i would like to introduce myself I'm new here, my name is Daniel I'm from Croatia.
I recently bought a Supra '89 but the previous owner swapped the engine from 7m GTE to 5mge. . Due to rarity of the car in my country and lack of information and experience I noticed it when it was late. (Didn't even taught that somebody would do something to a car like that).

I'm experiencing some problems, mostly with wiring of the car. Can't even find an electrician to take a look on the problem, cause nobody worked with a car like that. So I'm doomed to try to fix it by my self hope somebody from here can help me.

The problems are following:
* Temperature, rpm, gas and turbo gauge are not working (think it is a problem with wiring, I have some wires cutted under the glove box, and under the hood). And the speed gauge jump up and down if I drive under 50kmh.
* Reverse (Tail) lights are not working, probably the relay.
* Cold start injector is not connected, (due to some wires don't know what color they are)
* The engine doesn't accelerate right,I push the gas pedal the rpm goes up but the car won't accelerate. ( I have an gas installation inside and when on gas works OK but on gasoline the problem occurs)
* Antilock lamp is always on.
There are some more problems but that is not so serious as the above one.

I hope somebody can provide me some information or help me.
I googled some pages but the problem is the info are not similar to my problem, and posts are old.
I lack with experience in car wiring, but wiling to learn. Because its a great car and I would like to fix it.

Can provide with images if needed. Thank in forward.
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Welcome to the forums!
Taking a quick stab at a few of your items:
- For that many gauges to not be working it sounds like a fuse or wiring harness issue. Cut wires would be a problem. There should be link in the forums for access to the TSRM PDF. That should help to identify your wiring.
- Speedometer needle jumping - there are a few other posts about that here. That could be just an indication that it needs lubrication. Not sure on a '89 but my '86.5 has two cables, connected underneath the passenger floorboard near the drive shaft. I have replaced the shorter cable twice in the two years I've had the car (first when I bought it and then later when it overheated next to the exhaust pipe). I have filled both cables with white lithium grease and haven't seen any further "bouncing needle".
- Reverse lights not working? Mine have a very sensitive switch so they work depending on where my shifter is - just a slight bump on the shifter will turn them on/off. Personally I don't care about them. If I need additional lighting for backing up I just tap the brakes and turn on those lights.
- Cold start wiring - see the TSRM.
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