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Default Supra 90 Degree Cooling Hose (Under Thermostat)

Sorry for basic question but here goes.

Issue - 1989 Red Supra turbo with leaking 90 degree coolant hose underneath the thermostat housing. After 28 years, I guess she finally lost it. Lots of posts talking about the hose, just looking for some expert insights how to actually remove and replace it.

Background - Noticed a little steam from hood at traffic light one cold morning while driving to work. Found signs that small drops of coolant were spraying everywhere in a very fine mist. Nothing obvious so we replaced the radiator cap before we left work. Operating temperature was fine all day but was losing about 4oz of water from the overflow tank each time I drove it. Did the BHG test and we were NAPA blue throughout.

I found the problem on the weekend when I leaned into the engine bay while she was running and my glasses were sprayed by a fine mist. Didn't even know there was a hose buried underneath there until we used the mirror. I've just started to get into the job and have already reached my typical level of Toyota Supra turbo frustration.

Question - does anybody have a good, simple method to reach and replace this darn hose? Is it best to approach from top or bottom? To date, I've removed the upper radiator hose and moved the power steering reservoir and the thermostat housing to the side. Still can't reach in there. Next step is removing the power steering bracket. Am also considering removing the oil filter and lower radiator hose and going at it from that direction. Doesn't look easy either.

Don't want to pay the dealer $300 to get a $10 hose replaced if I can avoid it with some sweat equity.

Any guidance from the experts would be greatly appreciated.

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The hose replacement is preformed from the top of the engine. I have a turbo engine so what I do it is remove the air filter housing and the corrugated elbow behind it to provide access. Remove power steering reservoir 2 retaining nuts and then remove the bracket that secures it to the engine (2 nuts and a bolt). That should give you enough access. You may have to loosen the power steering pump and swing it and the reservoir out of the way. Drain the radiator to lower the coolant level in the block. Use long needle nose pliers to loosen and remove the spring band clamps from holding it on by twisting and pulling them onto the elbow. You're going to need a needle nose pliers to remove all of those spring clamps on the intake anyway. Don't forget the little vacuum hose hiding under the corrugated elbow on a turbo that goes down to the power steering pump that helps the up idle mixture for turning the wheels when you're not moving. There is also a identical 90 deg hose like this at the back of the engine. I have been using a universal 5/8" inner diameter elbow hose made by Gates. Part number 28466. Cost about $10. Just cut it to match your old one. Don't let that heat shield flap on the metal bypass pipe touch the hose or it might not last.

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