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walbro fp
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Default Question regarding a 90 7MGTE

Well, I found a 90 Supra (5 speed, 7mGTE) with a blown headgasket. Its red and complete, although it has a bit of bondo on the door and peeling clearcoat from someone who doesnt have a clue how to paint a car I guess.

Now.. I have a 88 MKIII and this is a 90. Is there any engine differences that will confuse me when I rip apart the top end? I will read up about HG replacements because this one I will tackle myself (consider the 90 a project car.. or a place to park extra parts on). Picked it up for 800.00 and its got a lot of good, just a lot of bad overshadowing it as well. Good rubber, custom rims, etc.. leather interior in pretty good shape (been recovered).

Now, I just have to find out whats different between the two.. and decide which one is the one I want to totally build up and which one I just want to get nice and either sell or give to on of the kids.

I am assuming that a stock 7MGTE will just require gaskets for the top end when redoing the HG. Not sure if I should go ahead and pop a metal headgasket on it, because I think thats when the $$ start ringing up (I believe you have to machine the head for that). The OEM headgasket should be fine with properly torqued headbolts.

oh well.. time for more reading now...
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ma70(89) and ma71(91-92) probably different electronics.. an additional knock sensor or something. (just assumptions)

research the differences between the ma70 and ma71 body type. that should give you a good starting point.

92 Ma71 7mGTE Auto. SafcII
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walbro fp
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Yeah, the 90 is kind of a middle car.. I know the tail lights are different, and maybe some of the interior electronics.. but drivetrain I am assuming is almost identical (although, if I remember right, the harnesses are different (clip-wise)
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walbro fp
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Well.. got the car outside the garage now until I get room to put it in and start working on it. The car has a 3" exhaust (about a year old) on it and sounds pretty nice. I only ran it for about 30 seconds though because the top rad hose has a huge hole in it (so.. consider the engine running dry.. ouch on the water pump).

Now, I need some help from those who know..

1. First gear is like trying to press the shifter into the radio. I have to push it as far as I can and hold it up there, otherwise it grinds/kicks out to neutral. All the other gears are smooth as silk.. just that one. Any ideas on if its a fork or something more severe? You really have to push on it and hold it and then it makes a chunk sound while you let the clutch out before it engages.

2. Is there a way to test the turbo without driving it? I reved it a bit to see if it would spool (it didn't) but I dont know if it would in a neutral position with no pressure on it from being in gear. Took it up to 4k RPM and nada on the boost pressure gauge.

3. Engine oil is dirty, but no smell of antifreeze in it. The rad is empty (obviously with no top rad hose... I cant believe some people.. lol) but the reservoir is full with antifreeze that has a scummy presence (green/browish). I am guessing that confirms the head gasket being shot. Is there a spot on the forum that explains how to do a proper leak down test? I believe compression testing will only give me part of the story at this point. (again.. sad that someone would hurt the car like that)

4. Door handles on the inside work, but are rough. Guessing this is a misalignment and possibly lubrication. The driver side door has pretty think bondo on it (cracking around the door handle and lifting off near the door trim. The passenger side is "grindy" when you turn the key, but it does work.

5. When I turn on the ignition, the interior dash lights are lit, but the lights are not turned on.. is this a feature or something on the 90 version?

6. The air conditioning is cold (woot) however, I believe it is R134a coolant. I dont think I can transfer this air conditioning system to the 88 MKIII because I would have to discharge it and upgrade it anyway. Nice to see something work mind you.

7. Clutch master cylinder fluid is blackish. I am guessing a full system flush and possible hoses (maybe even the master cylinder itself) will need to be looked at. (just bought a new master cylinder for the 88). Is the coloring a sign of any problem or just dirty from poor maintenance. I havent looked at the brake system yet, but expecting I will need to flush that as well and inspect all the hoses.

Why the hell do I want 2 Supras? lol.. I think I am insane.

I also got a complete Toyota TSRM (in print!), the guys Uncle was a Toyota Mechanic and gave it to him. Amazing the little finds when you hunt through a vehicle after purchasing it. Guess what my new bathroom reading material is gonna be for the next little while (until I wake up and say.. why the hell am I reading this???)

Also.. he left a little "roadtrip" device that plugs into the lighter and you plug an ipod into it. Then the FM radio picks up the ipod tunes. So far.. he hasn't responded on if he wants it back or not.

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