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Default New here, buying an MK3. I have a few questions

Hello everyone. This is my first post here, but Ive been browsing the threads for quite some time. So basically Im 17 years old, turning 18 in 6 months. I live in Prescott AZ. The Supra has always been my favorite "realistic" dream car. I always loved the look, the technology, the sound. I finally decided I wanted one once I rode in my friends 88 non turbo. Soooooo smooth and such strong linear power. Ive also rode in a 1984(?) rx-7 with a n/a 13b in it, which was a cool car. I like the rotary and wouldent mind an FC rx7. Anyways, on to the main point...

My Dad and his significant other are buying a house 40 miles from where I work and go to school. They want me to move in and they are buying me a car (I feel so thankful.) They said that 2000-3000 dollars for the car itself is perfectly payable, so I told them about the supra. The only thing they are concernd about is the insurance prices and gas mileage, which I will be paying for. I make $450/mo, which should cover those costs, but Im not exactly sure. Right now, I have $475 plus the 2-3k for the car. I was thinking of buying a blown up non turbo mk3 and swapping in a JDM 7m-gte to lower insurance rates. Would this be effective at all? I am with my parents' insurance company Progressive. Where is the best place to buy everything I need to get it going (jdm engine, ecu, wiring harness, tranny, misc parts, etc..) and how long will it take to do the swap? Also, how many MPG do you get with a turbo? I heard 17 MPG, can anyone clarify this? Another question: Do they make high compression pistons for the non turbo? How do they compare to the turbo model? Basically, I just need help budgeting everything to find out if all of this is realistic or not. And please dont laugh, I have no expeirince in the real world and I dont know if Im getting myself into trouble.
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BTW, I just got a quote from the insurance company. $213/mo. Deposit is $213 also. Not too bad considering my age....

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Well, if you look around you should be able to get a nice turbo or non turbo car for two or three thousand. Nice as having good suspension, body, and decent engine. Starting out with a non turbo is great, that way you don't kill yourself boosting it around a corner. If you plan to do a engine swap then starting with a NA car will make more difficult, there is more to it then just swapping engines and computers.

I have a NA, I love it for what it is, it keeps me on the road every day, even with all its faults. I my self think my Supra is fast enough, it was, when I first got it, the fastest thing I ever drove, but a turbo Supra car is a absolute joy to drive.

My Supra gets any where from 18 to 25mpg, depending on how I drive. With a healthy turbo car without driving boosting it everywhere you can probably attain a similar mpg rating.

Good luck.
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