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on the 82 supra the relay just provides power to the motors during their operation i think. if theyre the same, what controls the headlights actually being on is a thin metal plate on the motors themselves with sliding contacts. the metal plate is divided into annular rings and has notched areas so the contacts are touching plastic when its all the way up or down. these are actually the ground path for the motor power and the switch just provides the two different wires of the opposite contacts to ground so i dont think the relay could even reverse the commands. this notch is what controls the motor stopping point. also there is another metal section where its contact is only touching it in the up position, which gives power to the headlights by way of another contact on an inner part of the ring that is the ground. its a lil tricky to explain in words. if you take the motor out and take off the cover youll see or if you put the headlights up and took out the relay so they wouldnt go down and then turn on the lights, if you manually turned the motor down, the light would go off after a few degrees and then if you put it back up they would go back on. i spent a lot of time trying to figure out my headlight problem before i found that bule control box by the speedometer cable lol
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Old 04-14-2005, 01:30 AM   #12
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alright, it actually ended up being the Headlight Relay

i had JUST purchased a new one so i foolishly didn't check this "new" part

so far it seems to be the problem

until i have the headlights fail again i guess thats what it was all along

thanks everyone for your help

P.S. Does anyone know of a company that may sell quarter panels for Mark II Supras (other than a junk yard that is)

Its the next step in the car's restoration, thanks
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sorry, i didnt realize i wasnt logged on, the above post was from me
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12psi boost
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well...heppy that you got it to work....
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