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I wonder how much the brake controversy cost resources that would have been spent on new products. It was also a distraction, and it might make the Toyota execs proceed cautiously.

Some of the new concepts are interesting. The FT-86 looks to me, bodywise like a 5th generation Supra.
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Originally Posted by zby67 View Post
lol who needs a v8 when you got that at your finger tips lol.
Originally Posted by suprafishul View Post
every thing about the supra from the str8 sick motor to just how the car looks cant be matched. to bring it back with a new style and a..."V" power plant... i cant comment how it makes me fill.
What in the 'H' do you want a "V power plant" for??? Why not stick with the 1000hp+ capable inline 6? An I6 is synonymous with the brand name Supra, to me.

If BMW can make an I6 TT work, why can't Toyota?
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Default the body

i think they should have kept the 07 body 09 way to round for me
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Old 09-30-2010, 08:00 PM   #214
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I don't like that it comes in convertible either
Sticking with the targa top option would be cool and different because no one else is still doing it
This Supra has nothing in common with the Supra we know and love except for the name
Advancing technology is all fine and dandy but they haven't built off of the Supra at all
Instead they have come up with a completely new car and called it a Supra
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gayyyy! they just need to keep the supra fam how it is!

87 supra, 7mgte, full 3 inch straight pipe, hks bov, spectre intake
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I?m afraid this is the only toyota supra that i?m gonna drive for the moment...

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Default Similarites

May I say, don't you think that all the rival cars look exactly the same, like the Lexus Sc430 with Infinti G35. The Nissan 350Z has characteristics of the old MkIV Supra. I'm just saying that if a new Supra comes out, and hopefully it does and soon, don't expect any difference in style and to be honest, Toyota's Lexus brand made the LF-A and that model could be a good Supra. If not, Lexus still has a few concepts with the LF- prefix that could be the ultimate Supra. We've seen the FT-86 that's supposed to be the modernisation of the Corolla (with help from Subaru). If Toyota's looking, we're all waiting for a new Supra
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