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Originally Posted by marcheon View Post
and a couple of oldies:

FUBAR = Fuck_d up beyond all repair
FORD = Found on road dead
FORD = Fix or repair daily
FORD = Fuck'n old rebuilt Dodge
FORD = Foundary Of Recycled Datsuns
FORD = Fucked On Race Day

...jus thought i would throw in a coupl of extras hahaha
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FORD- Found on Retards driveway
1988 N/A Supra, 5 speed, Targa top, Tems
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IAT - Intake Air Temp sensor (used with most intake measurement systems to help in determining appropriate timing and fuel adjustments or calculate air density (see: MAP))
ISC - Idle Speed Control aka ISCV - Idle Speed Control Valve (Toyota's name for the computer controlled valves used to control idle speed under certain circumstances. There are actually a few different types of ISC used by Toyota.)
IAC - Intake Air Control (Synonym for ISC not used in Toyota literature, ISC is a preferred term as that's what users will more likely encounter in the Toyota publications)
AFM - Air Flow Meter (a semi-generic term for a certain family/class of air intake measurement devices)
KVAFM - Karman Vortex AFM aka KVAF (refers to the type of AFM used in the xx400 series Lexus, the 7M-GTE, the N/A MKIV Supra IIRC, etc. This is an optical sensor.)
VAFM - Vane AFM aka VAF (refers to a VERY common type of air flow meter which uses a metal flap inside of a housing which measures air flow based on the air's ability to move that vane)
TCCS - Toyota Computer Control System IIRC (refers to the engine management system used in certain Toyota vehicles; not all Toyota vehicles use a TCCS)
P7 - Another Toyota engine control computer... I do not know much about this unit; I do not believe it was used in anything made after the MKII Supra, please correct me if you know otherwise.
ECU - Engine Control Unit (Toyota's general term for a vehicle's engine management system; more specifically the main unit)
ECM - Engine Control Module (a synonym for ECU; not used in Toyota literature and as such ECU or specific type name is preferred)
ECS - Electronic Control System (Toyota's general term for the overall engine management system; not commonly used in my experience)
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
MAF - Mass Air Flow
(a type of air flow sensor used to measure the actual mass of air flowing through an aperture at a given point in time... Usually this term is used for "hotwire" type meters. Not all types of air flow meters/sensors measure mass. This term is not used by Toyota and as such is not recommended as it may cause confusion for newbies trying to work from Toyota's service publications.)
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (a sensor used to measure the actual pressure in an intake manifold as compared to the ambient atmospheric pressure. These are typically used in conjunction with other meters/sensors in order to CALCULATE the actual air flow... they do not, by themselves, measure the mass of air. Generally such systems are not as accurate as a mass metering system and require application specific tuning for best results.)
If something breaks or you need to contact a member of the administration please post HERE. Unless it's a private or administration matter please post it on the forum. It benefits no one else if car related questions aren't posted for future users and takes away from the time I'm able to spend helping on the rest of the forum.

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