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Thumbs up N/A Oil Leak @ Distibutor Shaft

I have a leak into the distributor (inside the cap area) from the shaft. Not the 'o-ring' that keeps oil from leaking out onto the head.

The Toyota Parts guy (my buddy) said there is NO replacement seals. A new or remanufactured distributor is required.

Sooo....here's what I did, you can too.

Remove the cap and make a mark on the distributor where the rotor is pointing (to replace in same position).

Pull the distributor out, clean it good, inside and out, with brake cleaner spray. Get a straight plastic vacuum line fitting (any parts store, take distributor with you to get the correct diameter) that will fit into the little 'drain hole' (approx. 1/8"-3/16") that is at the bottom of the distributor. You know, the hole that would let water out if it got into the distributor.

Cut and file the fitting down some so it will fit snug. Make SURE that it does NOT stick up into the inside of distributor higher than the original hole. This will insure that the oil won't puddle up inside.

Get a length of vacuum hose (that will fit onto the plastic fitting) long enough (36"-40") to hang down and allow the leaking oil to drain onto the road surface.

Stick the hose to the fitting, then add some adhesive (silicone or any auto type) to the outside of the plastic tube that is gonna go into the distributor, to help secure it, and prevent leaking at that spot, then insert the fitting into the distributor.

Let the adhesive dry for an hour or 2.

Install distributor into engine, being careful not to pull fitting and hose loose.
Route the hose down through things until you've got the end below the car.
Use 2-3 'zip-ties' to secure the hose to something (wiring harness, p/s hose, etc). KEEP it away from the exhaust manifold.

Leave enough slack on the vacuum hose so it won't get tight and pull out from distributor when engine rocks while revving it.

Now...the tiny, but annoying amount of oil that leaks from the distributor shaft will drip away onto the road.
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Talking Seal Replacement

I read a thread (CPS oil leak not from O ring ) on the Supramania forum, 7M technical section, that deals with seal replacement. They say its the same for the dist. and the CPS, which looks correct.

They say you can get the seal from a 'bearing supply store', just take the old one in to match up.
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Thumbs up kbox

there is a company in canada that makes the better part of a rebuild kit.


mrnickleye says: Great find !

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