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Default need some help

Hey im a newbie, looking at buying a supra something 93 onwards, just want to know all the do's and dont's what models are the goods and what to expect with these cars.
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Default Well......

If you want a 93, I presume you mean an MKIV. If you want a late model supra, then you have made a great choice. However EVERY supra model is a great choice, each with their own set of pro's and con's.

MKIII(Third Gen)


-235HP 7M-GTE engine - This engine is really nice. It is from the turbo model, and is a workhorse of an engine. It is prone to blown head gaskets if they are not installed correctly. You can remedy the problem with a professionally installed metal head gasket, however you need to machine the heads, and block for a PERFECT seal...otherwise you will just have created a bigger headache for yourself (Leaking, blowing, powerloss, fluid exchange, damage to cylinder walls, coolant leaks....etc). I have noticed that in my cars their cruise both went at aproximatly the same time...may be another cronic problem...but keep in mind, these cars are around 20 years old.

-LSD(Limited Slip Differential) - Well this is really nice, I believe it is a 1.5 LSD, it works, but still allows for slipping. I have not found problems with this yet. I don't hear alot of complaints about them either...so I think they hold up well, and work for you as long as you keep good care of it.

-TEMS (Factory in the Turbo, option in the N/A) - Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension. This is a control for your struts, it opens different sized valves in order to allow, or not allow fluid to pass easily. This system while turned to "Normal" gives you a basic feel, and will only display one bar on the "TEMS Dash". When you corner at certain speeds, or turn sharp enough, the system will go to two bars. Two bars represents a stiffer suspension setting, allowing less body roll, and front to back rocking. This level can also be achieved through rapid acceleration, or decceleration. When the system is turned to "Sport", the "TEMS Dash" will display two bars minimum. Like the two bars in the "Normal" mode, this will give less body roll, and front to back rocking. When cornering, rapidly accelerating, or stopping over 30km\h will display three bars on your "TEMS Dash". Under this setting you will notice the highest stability your suspension can offer, the least body roll, and you back end barely drops under heavy acceleration.

Another Option

-Leather interrior

These are the main features of the MKIII. I own two of these, and they are the best cars I have ever driven. I would recomend one of these to anyone!

MKIV(Fourth Gen)


**Someone please fill this section out in another post, I do not know much about them, and don't know their problems....I am an MKIII man.....
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I have found a 96 supra i dont know what model it is can anyone give me any info on this? and the pros and cons of this model.
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