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Unhappy My Supra keeps dying on me

My 1982 Supra keeps dying on me sometimes after it gets warm, it just shuts off and will not start back until it cools off. I can not figure it out. I have done a comepleat tune up, changed the fuel filter, air filter, water pump, thermostat and had the gas tank sealed. The temperature gauge stays in the middle, it does not seem to be overheating at all. A friend came over and messed with the air meter screw and it did not seem to help. I do not know what to try next?????
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Please describe the dying part a little better. Does it just shut off almost like someone turned the key off, or is it more of a runs so rough it wont stay going?

Some possibilities would be, plugged cat, bad fuel filter, plugged injectors, weak or failing fuel pump, and a whole myriad of electrical possibilities. Its almost impossible to say without more information. Is the "check engine" light on? Does it run rough at any other time? Is your fuel mileage REAL bad? Do the spark plugs look clean or is there any build up on them after maybe a tank of gas.

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How does it run when before it dies, and for how long ? Could just be ticking over on the cold-start injector
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I look back when the Honda gets to its tap-out and the Supra's only two lengths behind. No one I've let ride my bike has told me its slow, they've all loved the thing. That car is a good thing indeed.
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I took my Supra out for a ride tonight got it up to temp. and every red light i came to it wanted to die, i had to keep it reved up until i got home i took my foot off the gas and it died on its own and again it would not start back for about an hour and a half. Some times it runs just fine, the check engine light does not come on , fuel milage is fine. And i do not know what or how the cold start injector works, common sence tell me it might send gas into the engine when you first crank it over????? I own an 1982,1983 & 1985 SUPRA's. The 1982 is the one i am having problems with the other two I am fixing up a few parts at a time if you know what i mean. I really like these cars, I used to test drive the 1982's & the 1983's at a Toyota dealership along with the other Toyota models that were out at the time when i was a 18. I raced a beat every Corvete i could find.
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Why dont you try posting in the MK2 section? Or why hasn't a mod moved this topic yet?
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Wink lol

Notice he was the only one that cared about that? WAY TO HELP!
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because it's a general question or a mk2 question, if he wishes it moved to mk2 i shall do so

maybe your ignitor is packing a sad so when it heats up it's failing, have you got a spare you can try?
Please use the forum to ask your questions as they will get replied to much faster than pming me

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