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Default Should I try to rebuild my transmission, or leave it to experts?

Since I've never rebuilt a transmission before, should I even attempt to rebuild the transmission from my '88 Supra, or leave it to experts. It is a W-series 5 speed gearbox from an '88 N/A Supra.

Some background: I'm not a newbie to auto mechanics. I've rebuilt about 5 engines so far, and my dearly departed 1990 Toy P/U lasted 324,000 miles with regular maintenance and a head gasket replacement at around the 220K mark. A retaining wall kept me from my goal of 500K with that truck (wifey driving, but still married ). Never had a single transmission problem with it, so I never had the chance to learn from it.

I've done just about everything else, including rebuilding a rear axle, replacing suspension, struts, brakes, clutches, body work, interior work, electrical work, etc.

But, I've never cracked open a transmission. Now, the input shaft bearing failed on my '88. The seal went bad, and most of the fluid leaked out before the transmission began to sound truly horrible on my way home from work one day. I found a transmission from a parts car that fit, but it was from a car without ABS. The ABS sensor for the rear axle is attached to the transmission, and monitors the output shaft. The replacement transmission had no provision for the sensor. So, I am driving my car right now with the ABS system turned off. I would like to have the original transmission rebuilt so I can put it back in the car. I am also planning on rebuilding the engine at some point, probably at the same time. This one has 240K on it, and is burning a bit of oil, just not enough to smoke.

But, is this something I can do without investing a lot of money into special tools that I'll probably only use once? I know the manual transmission has been around for many decades. A lot of them can be rebuilt with many of the tools an engine builder may already have. I have a press, snap ring pliers, micrometers and dial calipers. I also have dial indicators and magnetic blocks. Before I go a spend time and money looking for manuals and scoping parts suppliers, what should I be aware of?

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Default I Can Do It!!

Found an answer at I-supra! Yes, it can be done with snap ring pliers and a press, besides having standard and Allen head wrenches. Here's a link to a tear-down and rebuild page:

Removal and teardown of a w58

And, here's a supplier with parts:


I'll let you guys know how it works out.
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