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Sup guys, i currently own a 98honda prelude and belong to honda-tech.com
I was looking for a new car, something RWD and boostable and 6cylinder too i guess. I have always loved supras and i came accross this one on auto trader...
Supra on autotrader
I dont know as much about supras as i do hondas, so i guess what im asking is how long do the engines survive? If im going to be doing some extensive mods to it is 143k dangerous?
By the way, im not really sure how this forum works so just tell me if i did something wrong...
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Also, i was wondering do the supra turbos and the N/A ones share mostly the same engine componants? Ive done some research and found out the turbos have 8.9 to 1 compression and the N/A's have 10 to 1 is that right? So besides pistons is anything else different internaly? The reason i ask is because i would like to build on this car but i dont know if its going to be a bunch of trouble down the road if i get the N/A
My last question is about the gear box, i know some come with the 6speed and some with the 5. Does the five have any trouble and how much better is the 6?
Sorry i have so many questions but i just want to make an informed decision
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7M POWAH! ;)
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well the 2jzge as far as i know is very reliable.... i really don't see how mileage relates to mods, what you really need to know is the history of the car.. was it looked after, oil changes, not overheated etc
easy way to tell... is the engine clean, no oil all around the bottom of it etc
does the radiator have any orange coloured water dried up on the top of it? or down the radiator etc.. this well tell you if the radiator cap has leaked also look at the water bottle to the radiator... does it have orange coloured water dried up all over it
if these two things check out fine then i would say the engine has been fine... if you want to really get into it you could have a compression check done on it by an outside mechanic to doubly check

the 2jzgte and 2jzge do have alot in common altho yes compression is different between the two (not sure what actual figures are) the na is 10:1 that i can verify

as far as mods go you could do the 1.5j which is a 2j block and 1j head, you will need to get extra oil feeds made to feed the turbo(s) and use the 2j rods but 1j pistons (if you can find some for cheap)
if not then just turbo the na.. drop the compression a bit

is there much of a difference in price between the turbo and non turbo?
it would make things easier on you if you just got a turbo mk4, depends how much money and time you want to spend on your car to which path you want to take
turbo comes with 6 speed, non turbo comes with w58 5 speed
i would run the 5 speed till you break it then get a 6 speed

good luck with ya car
Please use the forum to ask your questions as they will get replied to much faster than pming me

Pics of my build.

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Do a diagnostic first!
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