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Default starter removel?

sup crew? tested every dam thing to figure out why my car would not start. i tested the starter and you can hear the seliond but the starter does not kick out. is it the starter or what is it? if is the starter, how the hell do you get to that top bolt and keep a wrench or socket on it?
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I think it's a 14.mm.

uhm..., with the head on and the ac there..., It's a witch.
Without the head there's only an inch or so to work the wratchet.
I usually climb inside the engine bay and give it hell. Your'e going to have to remove the upper plenum to be able to get to it. Remove the liquid hose on the railing behind the block driver side. You have to do it with one hand.
Real pain.
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If im correct there are two parts to a starter, a part that spins it and a part that sticks the gear out. One part can go out or stop working. To take the starter out if a pain in the a$$. I just took mine out in my 87 supra, I dont know if other models are that much different. To get the top bolt jack the car up get under it with a 1ft. to 2ft. extention and a swivel on the end. It should take a 14mm socket I think. With a light showing though the top if you look between the transmission and the drivers side fire wall from under the car you can see the top bolt of the starter. Put a open end on the starter side of the bolt and break it loose with the extension and swivel from under the car. note: you will have to have 2 people this, and make sure you put some kinda lube on it to help break it loose.
Hope this helps

You have a rhd so i think it will be on the left side of the car passenger side

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this is a benefit for being skinny. it took me a lil bit but i finally did it
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To remove the starter just disconnect the two wires(one plug that has a brown clip, and the other that runs from the positive wire), Once you disconnected those wires then you need to remove the two bolts that hols the starter in place. Those bolts are a 14 and yes they are a pain in the ass to remove(thats why im replacing mine right now so I dont have to later).

G/L with removing the starter.
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