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12psi boost
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Default Steps to get to 300hp with little money

As with all turbo cars the method behind gaining horsepower and torque is a similar combination of components and changes. Think of a turbo engine as an air pump with a supercharger on it! The more air that is pumped into the engine (with necessary fuel) the more power it will make. Using this analogy, we can set a path forward for making power in the 1986.5 through 1992 MK3 Turbo Supra!


We know we need to increase air flow, so lets start there. First lets make sure the air coming into the engine is clean and without restrictions. This requires us to have a nice air intake system. The K&N FIPK solves this portion of the equation rather well, with it's 1,000,000 mile guaranteed and washable filter system. The HP gain with this is modest (5-7hp), but it gets us the clean air in the quantity that we want for a turbo car that is planning on running 11.5 psi.


Secondly we want to make sure that we can get all of that air out of the engine as efficiently as possible. Since we have a large air pump of an engine we want to be absolutely positive that we can get the exhaust energy OUT of the car as fast as it goes in! On a turbo car, BIGGER IS BETTER, because restrictions create back pressure and back pressure hinders boost!! Remember, it is BOOST that gives us POWER! A good quality exhaust system is the KEY here in minimizing restrictions. Included in this kit is the K&N FIPK from Stage I above and the HKS Cat-Back Turbo Exhaust w/ 75mm piping(LET-T16).

Stage III - 285 HP

Now that we have an intake and exhaust system, we can increase the boost up to 11.5 psi and gain some HP. An electronic boost controller is the key to this portion of the equation. An electronic boost control regulates the factory turbo boost and is fully programmable from lower to higher settings. All of our boost controllers will do a good job for you, so select the one you feel most comfortable with. We provide the GReddy Profec B fully electronic boost controller is supplied with the Stage III Kit. Fully adjustable boost provides a great solution to boost control on your Stage III Supra Turbo. This kit includes the parts from Stages I & 2 and adds the GReddy Profec B electronic boost controller.

Stage IV 300HP

We pick up on the exhaust system where we left off previously to further reduce exhaust back pressure and to help that turbo spool up (reaching maximum rpm quicker). We do this by eliminating both catalytic converters from the exhaust system. Yes, this officially makes the car an off-road vehicle, but it is good for the final 20HP in the equation, so the choice is yours. You will receive all of the components listed in Stages 1,2&3 plus we provide an HKS downpipe and the SupraStore.com test-pipe.

Let's assume you already have an exhaust or downpipe or air filter set-up, but you still want the power. We have simply put together our stage packages to inform you the TYPES of product that are required to meet each Stage Level and corresponding Horsepower.

Stage III and above packages are highly recommended for cars with HKS metal head gasket modifications for absolute durability and robustness

Founded at http://www.suprastore.com/stivimk3tu7m.html

a great place for some parts and genral information on all supras
"for the most part"

Upgrades- 225/50/R16's Kumho ECSTA AST (KU25) 273 bucks with shipping
Magnaflow exhaust NO KAT
K&N Air Filter


http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...oid=1536317037 <------ this one should work check out the accident one aswell ya i might be a "fat kid" but i sure can move fast!~
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Default My new 1988 supra turbo - 43,000 original miles


if you went back in a time machine - this is what the supra turbo would look like
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