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i just replaced my gas tank on my supra on the 27 of feb. since then my car runs really hesitent and once i do get it going i cant get it going over 80 or 4,ooo rpm in 5th gear. i think the pump might be going out or my fuel filter. if ne one else might know what else it might be ur input would be lots of help
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well if the problem only existed once you did the tank... i would suggest looking at all your fuel lines, make sure there isn't a leak.. put a piece of wire into FP and B+ in the diagnostic box in the engine bay, turn your key to ignition and go lie under the tank.. does the pump sound ok... or does it buzzzzzz stop buzzzzz stop etc... if it sounds normal keep looking for leaks...
if no leaks.. try replacing your fuel filter... possibly the filter on the fuel pump itself... was the tank clean when you put it in... it's possible your fuel pump filter is slightly blocked hence the poor acceleration

keep us updated
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well...iono about the mk3 but the mk2....some time its the gas filter on the block too...cause its dirty inside the filter....so it block the fuel...to send less gas....n also sometime it can be the gas pump like supra girl saids too...but i not so sure...bout that...but well....sometime....it can be your fuel injecter too....iono bout mk3 but in our mk2....it does that...how do you know its the injecter...well...when the motor is operate...does your engine sounds smooth or it sounds like it didnt burn well/enough gas....if it sounds good/smooth then its good its not the injecter...but it sounds like not burning enough of gas or when you accelerated n it keep having that one lagging problem like your engine almost die...like the engine stop n its on stop n on....like u were out of gas or somethings wrong with it...if so than its your injecter....so yeah...hope that give you idea what is it...
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