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First off i am not a car geniuse so here goes my stupid question. I called a guy about 1989 supra he has for sell and he tells me the motor is blown. But get this he said he noticed it would drip oil every now and then and a couple of weeks ago it locked up on him. The funny thing about what he is telling is that it never overheated and that the engine will still run. He just says that the car will not move.

I went and looked at the exterior of the car this afternoon and it is in immaculate shape. No rust anywhere and only a few scratches. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on what the problem could be and how much it might cost to fix. He only wants $975 for it so I can afford to spend more to fix it.

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well if it was me i'd buy the car and just buy a replacement engine to put in it...
if you wanna see if the engine is siezed just get a ratchet with a 19mm socket and see if you can manually rotate the crank, if you can't then it must be siezed, you could also do a compression check if the engine does crank over, if it has an oil leak you can probably gaurantee that the engine will get rod knock if it hasn't already

you really need to be more specific on what you mean by the car won't move, does the engine start all fine etc but the car will not move forward in gear? is it manual or auto?
is the diff locked? jack up the rear end and see if you can move the rear wheels

really need more specifics... but let us know how you go
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