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Question cold air intake?

Does any one have good advice on cold air intakes? I have a K&N filter but the stock pluming is so ugly. I haven't seen any on Ebay only the AEM ones for like 300$. The mass air sensor still needs to be installed also so not sure what to use. please let me know what others have done, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, -Brian
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Good question man cause I have a K&N intake and its ugly as hell.One of my first mods and I need a way better looking alternative.
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all a cold air intake really is is a filter in a spot where it can breath in air from the outside. correct me if im wrong
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Burn N' Up
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The idea behind cold air intake is move the intake lower where air is colder and the colder air contains more air per CC and thus more oxygen. The problem with them is that they are routinely placed in a location that leads to the need for frequent cleaning because of dust and dirt (its lower to the ground and other cars kick up dust and dirt) and they get wet frequently which is not the best for your engine. K&N makes an FPIK which is nice and safe and will still give you an HP boost. Really, you should think of the Supra Turbo MKIII like a rocket ship, as much new age tech was crammed into that tiny shell as possible and back then the tech wasn't as portable as it is now. There really isn't alot of room for a cold air intake. Maybe you could fab one to drop down somewhere but i would be shocked if you could find the space.

If the intake you are seeing on your friends ride isn't lower than it was stock, then the correct term your looking for is Short Ram (or sometimes just Ram) Intake. Bigger tube and filter= more intake air. Hope this helps!
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