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Hey people!

I just got a low mile engine imported from Japan and a used transmission installed for my 7m-gte. I asked the mechanic to go a head and but the turbo on from the Japanise engine. They did so but now the turbo spins but no boost! Im thinking maybe the Japanise engine has a speed controller not like our home made supras so that it won't let you get past 3500 rpms for that may damage the transmission. Have you heard of this? Or is it possible that the old engine I had was modified so I could get high rmps when in low gear?? Help! :P

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7M POWAH! ;)
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hey and welcome to our forum

rule #1 please don't double post, keep all your questions in one post unless they are completely regarding different things

#1 i would do a diagnostic and see what codes you pull
#2 check the timing and make sure it's correct

those are the first and foremost things, let us know what you find and we'll see what we can do once you've checked these out
Please use the forum to ask your questions as they will get replied to much faster than pming me

Pics of my build.

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Do a diagnostic first!
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Okay, I think that I may of had a similar problem with my car. it wouldn't rev past 4k, and it sounded like it was getting fuel cut the whole time. try to check your afm, also try to check for boost leaks. Another thing that I would try to do is disconnect the battery for about a minute and let the computer re-set itself. sometimes that will do the trick too.

Are you getting any check engine lights or fault codes?
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