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Old Man Supra
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Default 1986 Toyota Supra

Hi Guys, Well I have had my Supra out here in Minnesota since April and then of course only on nice days.............everything has been working well on the car, and I have had very few issues {I have owned it for almost a decade} now,all minor ones till..............the other day that is. I was alerted by another driver who was behind me that I had no brake lights[sound familiar?]. [Though I DO have rear tail lights,they just don't brighten up when braking]Otherwise all the lights work on the car,dash,side markers,turn signals {front and back}fog lights,all the interior lights.There is no dash warning lights on of any kind.The only lights that do not work are the 3d light on the hatch[I just put a new bulb in this AM] and the brake lights. I'm aware of the brake sensor failure box in the trunk and the issues with those so...........I bought one and replaced it........easy job to do but unfortunately this did not solve the brake lights not working.still as before.........no brake lights[BTW that 3d light is on a different circuit is it not?] Anyway..........any ideas I assume brake switch is functional or the car would be throwing a code would it not? Where is the fuse for the brake lights...........nothing has ever needed replacing down there so. I know where the fuse box is by the kick panel driver side but.............here is what I found when I replaced the "Lamp Failure Sensor" box.the box case is distorted but nothing inside looks bad...........nothing melted or burnt no indication of anything like that..........Hmmmmm anyway new one in now. Here is a shot of my fuse panel down box the driver side kick panel.Actual cover was gone when I bought the car so where is my tail light fuse? and would I not have any tail lights at all if it was bad.........or I'am I just assuming something not in fact. Pics of fuse panel in my car, sorry for the poor photos. Appreciate any help forum members can provide. Many Thanks! Here is my SUPRA.

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Bone Stock w Upgrades ;-)
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The taillight and stoplight fuses are the 15 and 20 Amp fuses in the top row of your picture.
The problem with the rear taillights and the trouble module is that water tends to get into both. Something got grounded and that's why the plastic melted. After checking the fuses, it would be a good idea to take out both taillight strips and check for corrosion. Getting to the side marker lights is a pain though. Clean the contacts on the bulbs and down in the wells. You can use electric contact grease if you want, to keep water out. You have to be careful when putting the taillight strip back in because the white plastic dividers become very brittle with age and crumble. Just go slowly and massage it back into place. Take a look at it before you remove it to see what it should look like in its proper place. Remember to wipe the bulbs with a clean cloth to remove any skin oil or contamination which could shorten the life of the bulb just before installation. What I have done to my lamp module is to put it inside of a plastic bag so the water will roll off of it and not get inside. I cut a hole for the plug and then taped a plastic film flap above it. Here is a google search that may give you some information as well for people that have had the same problem.


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Old Man Supra
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Smile Supra Brake lLghts

Hey thank you so much for the reply..................I will follow your suggestion and recheck those fuses again to make sure. Thanks also for those suggestions regarding the water issue,its been a great car really with few problems other than the brake light issue so............can't complain.
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