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Thumbs up Just bought 1987 supra auto 145k miles

Price was $1K - Good Body, no rust I can see, it's an upstate SC car so no salt air there - Original Burgundy paint is toast of course, good Gray Cloth Interior - I've had many cars & many Toyotas since the 70's but this is first Supra - I'm on a few other Boards w/my other cars, 91 AWD Turbo Eagle Talon & 96 MKVIII - Motor purrs & it rides smooth but Shifts at 3500 RPM or so at WOT in Normal - Going to Power on ECT changes it to 3800 at WOT as well as the other changes Power Mode makes, stays in 1st longer, OD point, etc - ONCE it readily went to 5K Rpm in 1st w/no probs - New Air Filter & brand new Battery but only 13 Volts on Voltmeter so that may be it - I'm hoping it's Alt or Fuel Filter or clogged Cat or TPS or something - Has Diag Code 51 but my AC is DOA too - Will do Searches - Car came w/Owners Manual & a Chiltons but man I hate a Manual that spans 15+ Model years... it's like reading the History of Supra~! - Rad holding Pressure but looks like zero Anti Freeze so I did a Flush & Green Anti Freeze - It's got a Mod at Engine Bay Fuse Box with a Relay in place wired fm under Dash to Battery & spliced into Harness Wire fm lEngine Bay Fuse Box... not figured out what that's all about yet - Replaced 3 Valve Cover Vent hoses, they were brittle as Glass~! - I thought the U Joints were toast but it turned out BOTH Front Wheels had Lug Nuts Finger tight... drove it about 100 miles like that back home before I figured it out ~!

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3" Exhaust
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Nicee, sounds like you got a good amount of things to sort out and fix. Happy wrenching and come back with any questions/help that you may come across!
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Thumbs up

Thanx, as you well know let's just say after wrenching on the Turbo Talon this NT thing AINT intimidating - FAQ already very helpful - This Board same "look" as the ancient MKVIII.ORG Board I've been on for 15 years so very familiar feel - I'm getting an intermittent no first gear when in D - I suspect what Ford calls the Manual Lever Position Switch is failing - Biggest difference is Toyota MLPS is $300 - I made a sleeve for the Shifter pivot bolt to delete tons of slop - I've got a chafed Driver side Brake Line that weeps, will replace both sides (4 total in front) & do a flush - Hood & Hatch Struts are DOA & on order - Radio just scans & scans like it has no Antennae but I have panel out to access Shifter so I'm there - I redid the splice at the wire off Engine Bay Fuse Box to the "Mystery Relay" & I'm up to 13.5 Volts fm 13 so ?? - Eventually I'll disconnect it from Battery & see what quits - All in all it's amazing what still works on this car - Toyota Quality is a fact.

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Hey, welcome to the forum! I had an 87 auto Supra back in the day that did the same shifting yours is doing. My problem was a melted TPS, if code 51 is the AC switch/IDL circuit code then that also points to a TPS failure. If you have downshift problems, check out the kickdown cable adjustment and make sure its in spec. Good luck!
1989 7MGTE R154 Targa Top White Package w/Blue Interior
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Yes Code 51 is both AC & TPS - Will do checks & Thanx so much for the help from your first hand experience...
Have a great weekend ~!

Deleting rusted out Muffler, the rest of Stainless Exhaust in good shape - Searching thru the docs that came with it: Car only ran about 10K Miles since 2008 when soft Falken Tires were installed (might have another 10K Miles left in them) - Oil last changed in 2013 about 3K miles ago - Looks like I may be 3rd Owner.

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Picking up my '87 Supra tonight. Had an '84 many years ago and always wanted another one.
135K estimated miles as the speedo stopped on the seller over the summer. Body in good shape except for a rough spot under the driver's door and behind the left front tire. But it is a CT car so winters aren't good for them. However the underneath is rust free (as far as I can tell so far), but I chalk that up to his leaking valve cover gaskets and dripping power steering line. Both part of my weekend "take ownership" projects.
As for the nonfunctional speedometer how hard is that to replace. I have read there are two cables, one long and one short that are available. Also that the speedometer not working is causing the O/D light to flash.
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Default Online TSRM service manual for Supra

Here is the online TSRM service manuals for various Supras:

1988 MK3 Supra; 7M-GE; Automatic; Sport Roof; Factory Original
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