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Default Got a "new to me" '87 supra!

So, I got to NAS about a month ago with no ride; I had to sell my last car (1998 eclipse gsx) before leaving home. Now Im here and stumbled upon an '87 N/A supra with a bad rod knock. Guy just wanted it gone and gave it to me for 500 bucks. The vehicle came with new rims, new tires, new clutch, new flywheel, detachable steering wheel (gotta go fast!), and brand new in box shock absorbers.

Since it wont be my first time doing major engine repairs, I figured "why the hell not?" Now that I have the car in my possession and am getting ready to do the work to it, is there anything any of you would recommend I do to the car while I have the motor and tranny out? I know very little about this vehicle except that its cool as hell and needs an AE86 buddy. I just want it to be reliable.

Im planning on just scrapping the current engine and getting a JDM. Ive read that ill need a JDM ECU to because of the EGR back plating and the fuel map differences; would that be it for that swap, or would it be better to pay more and get a USDM? I'm indifferent either way on it really.

My end goal for this car is to have a fun old sports car that has personality. If you want to follow on the personality, just imagine like a "u mad" scenario. Well, I hope to be seeing you lot more often and keeping you updated on the car.

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You can use a JDM engine, you just have to transfer over the EGR components from the USDM engine to the JDM and whatever else (pretty much put them next to each other and whatever the other one doesn't have just simply swap over), hence using the same ECU will be fine. While it's out you should do as much as you can cause even if you get a "low mileage" JDM engine, they could of been sitting out anywhere and who knows what the internal condition may be. Anyways at least change all the seals like front and rear seals, valve gasket, water pump, etc.. And if you want to go the extra mile you could do a head gasket job w/ ARP head studs (cause the 7mge/gte engines are prone to BHGs). Other than that have fun and welcome to the Supra life!
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