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Default looking to buy a 87 turbo. "restored" is it worth 5k?

hi, i have been eyeing a mk3 for along time, always loved the style. this would be my third toyota. this guy has a claimed restored 87 with a rebuilt engine and transmission and redone interior pieces and only has a couple hundred on the rebuild. is 5k a decent price for what it is? thank you.

Sellers Words: i have taken a 87 burgundy supra shell and have dedicated the last few months of spare time to having fun restoring this car to glory. i have rebuilt the engine with all new parts including a new crank, pistons, oil pump, head, and so on and so forth. I've rebuilt the 5 speed transmission and restored the interior to near perfection. everything works and my goal was to make the car as close to factory spec as humanly possible. nearly everything is new. Please contact me for info.

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To a large degree that will depend on the quality of the parts that were used in the rebuild, and the skill/knowledge/experience of the person doing the rebuild.

The interior looks decent but not great, body looks okay from what's shown in the pics. Check all the electrical/electronics to make sure everything works as advertised, check the fluids for cleanliness, radiator neck for evidence of corrosion, and perhaps most importantly (to me at least) look around to make sure there isn't a sign of some of the repairs being rigged to make something work rather than being done right (it's amazing what PO's will do to get by on these cars). And ask for receipts for all the parts which went into the rebuild, ought to give you some idea of the quality level of the parts which were used.

In the end, it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Without seeing it myself I'd be afraid to state what I'd pay for it.
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I've got two mk3 supras and a cressida.
Make sure the targa top doesn't leak first off..
compression test, white smoke out tail pipe to make sure no leaky intake or valve cover gaskets, etc.. check fluids and make sure there is NO oil leaks.
also test drive and make sure the suspension is in order b/c that will take up just as much $$$, if not more than an engine rebuild or repair.
there is my two cents
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I would say: Hell yeah because most supras that are on sale where I live are all rusted, chipped, needs major body work, and engine work. Paid for a clean condition one for about 12k like few yrs back. Still running great, get compliments from people saying: "You don't see those around anymore."
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