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Default Tems help

I have a 1989 supra 7mgte . My Tems all 3 lights come on when i hit the brakes , like when im comeing to a stop sign thay will come on and some times it stays on sport when it on normal , i dont know if this is normal for this supra
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The 3 lights will come on during heavy braking, accelerating, and I believe cornering as well. How long does the light stay lit after it turns on?
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Not long at all and when the tems is on normal some time it says its on sport and its not thxs for your help man
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Yeah sounds normal behaviour to me, you'll probably find if you quickly blip the throttle quite hard (about 3/4 open, with the engine warmed up already so as not to thrash it cold) that it does the same. the owner's manual pretty much confirms the first reply in that the TEMS ecu stiffens up the shocks during hard acceleration/hard cornering & under heavy braking. The other issue could be just the buttons since the ones on my car don't seem to stay in place very firmly & the slightest inadvertant knock can swap between normal & sport mode.

If the switch is very definitely pushed fully home in the normal position when it goes to sport then it could maybe be a bad connection/short in the switch or wiring from it, though it could be beneficial to run the TEMS diagnostic just in case that shows any irregularity. To be honest I'd be tempted to leave it in sport anyway (then again, with lowered suspension & the amount of damnable speed bumps round here I need all the help I can get to keep my baby's belly from getting roadrash!)

Hers's a link to the TEMS section in the tsrm, flick through that & the diagnostic checks are detailed for you... http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Librar...aspx?S=FA&P=29

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