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Old Man Supra
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Default OK........ What The HELL!!!!!!

Hello, Well I'm back on the forum here not scouting for nice pics or useful performace tips but........... Ok earlier this year a bad [like wrong terminal connection] hookup to my battery that got me into trouble and fried some of my fuses in the engine compartment and in the driver kick panel,I replaced them all then tried to get my beast going but no luck. I had a good friend and fine mechanic come over and we got it up and running just as before.......... 100%. Turns out it was the PCM that was the starting issue and once I bought a stock replacement and installed it the car fired right up. Ok so I have had the car out and about since enjoying the nice weather here in Minnesota with not a problem............car ran great,pulls, strong,everything working just as it should be till..............Yesterday. I took the car out in the morning for a nice long drive and it ran great,I parked the car at the mechanic/friend's house to talk with him and the car sat for less than half a hour before I got in and and tried to leave. It turned over and fired right up but then died........second try same thing, third try I had my foot to the floor on the gas and it ran rough for a minute but then it was back to its old self running just fine, then I drove it around for the better part of a hour with no issues at all. Today I went out to take it out for a drive,got in turned the key and the car spins over quickly but will not fire.Everything else works,lights,dash lights,power windows,radio,everything. So whats the car up to now...........besides not giving me a ride that is.: ( It would seem to me given how the car was acting during the hard start and rough idle moment the other day this could/should be fuel related but...........it could also be spark,I would not think the PCM took a dive after just this long. Clues?,Opinons? I was so enjoying the Supra now...........here I sit once again,I love this car despite all this, its my baby. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3" Exhaust
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did you verify the spark plugs? are the coils getting current? the fuel pump , can you feel it run?
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Old Man Supra
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Default Supra Mark III Now Once Again Will Not Start

Hello, No I have not done anything like that yet but when I had the first issues like this awhile back because of the battery hookup being wrong all those things[fuel/spark] came right back to life[and everything else was working besides those issues before, I just couldn't get it to start] it was the PCM that was bad and once like I said it was replaced it WAS working just fine.Something has changed [failed] obviously but what that is ??????????
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Hi, currently having a similar problem with my car, very frustrating i know.
umm.. your rough idle would have made me think timing but since it started running fine after that kinda eliminates that. However you could still check to insure your cam position sensor is tight. First thing i'd check is fuel though. Supply the fuel pump with a 12v source while the car is off and see if it runs. If its working you'll easily hear it.

Hope that helps
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Bad main relay....? But easy way to check fuel pump operation pop off the mass air flow top and hold vane open with key on or there is a jumper plug near by that also will turn pump on. Highly doubt its the pcm possible tps or like i said possible bad main relay underhood.
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i was having similar problems awhile back it turned out that my o2 sensor wire came out of its retaining bracket on the engine and it melted the protective coating and started to short the wires out causing odd problems such as starting issues and dieing maybe check them they are located under the turbo and exhaust manifold on the 7mgte if i remember correctly

once i taped up the injured wires it ran just fine until bhg

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