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Default Did some work, now gotta do some mroe...

Okay, so I figured it was time for a full tune-upish type thingy.

I replaced the fuel filter, changed the oil, and yada yada... thsoe are the 2 main things...

Then I decided to check to see if the wastegate actuator I installed was holding up, and still in place... IT WASN't. So I fashioned a clip out of a bobby pin, seemed strong enough to hold it on the nob.. and did the actuator again.

When I cranked it up I heard a miss.. but I didn't bother with it.. because I kinda ran the battery down with the radio while I was working on it. So I had to leave it running for a little bit. I got to a safe spot, turned it off, and back on to see if would stop but nope.

The problem is when I accelerate, the boost goes crazy again, but it doesn't reach 8 pounds(Max on my gauge)
When it boosts that high, it gets really shakey, and I can sense a fuel cut.

The fuel filter isn't leaking, and I can't find any vacuum hoses out of place, I did the diagnosis, but it showed a code 11..... Which is not even on the TSRM.... HALP!
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Code 11 Momentary interruption in power supply to ECU (electronic control unit or computer) up to 1991.

As for the boost issue, you may a leak somewhere in the IC piping, but I would start with looking into the Code 11 first... the ECU cutting in and out will cause the same sensation as it's doing the same thing that happens during fuel cut.

When I first saw this thread I thought you were saying that the actuator had died... knock on wood.
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