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Default Great cheap what to install your boost, temp, oil psi gauges in you car!!!

You guys are always there for me. and hopefully because of that my mklll will be back up and running soon. so i did this with some stuff i had laying around and its cleaner then pods or pillars. let me know what you think and give it a chance. i put up a pic when there all lit up but i dont want to connect the battary when the harness is spread every were.

Get some cardboard and a screwdriver to pop out your glove box. take the card board and make a templete of the face of your glove box desighn. i just went in a line but be creative. once you have the get some thin hard board from an old dresser or computer desk/enter tainment center w/e and lay out what you want your gauges or how many you want or what ever, just give it its face. cut out some ob-long holes and get some 52mm pvc and get a good angel and mess around get it at the right angel so you can see it perfect from your driver seat. once you got the seat get couple layers of J.B. weld so there not goin any were, WORK WITH ME THERES A METHOID TO THE MADNESS.

Click image for larger version

Name:	g1.jpg
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let that cure then start preping and applying some body puddy start thick, rough, and build. doesnt take much just patence. you got this, lol.

Click image for larger version

Name:	g2.jpg
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ID:	2824

see? kinda comin togeather. lol. so get buildin on till you got a nice mountin. (trust me not gonna crack or chip. its stright.

Click image for larger version

Name:	g3.jpg
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ID:	2825

haha, takin back those remarks bout kid dont know crap now huh? lol. looots of sanding but its well worth it. i never like tacky pods on the dash or pillar lay out. if you have a supra, mark 4 or three 2 dont matter, its a supra. build a name for it and make it clean. go the extra mile and turck those wires and sand before you paint that rust spot, WERE BETTER THEN THOSE RICERS!!!! -cough cough- aaaaaany ways.. get some good primar, i chose dark because i went with black. but if you want brither colors then use brighter primar. dur..

Click image for larger version

Name:	g4.jpg
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Couple coats, sand so the primar fills hair line cracks or levels some chips then un-screw the bottom pieace about the latch on the gove box its self. theres a screw under the sticker so dont break it off lol.

Click image for larger version

Name:	g5.jpg
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once you give it some color, i went with semi-gloss black and clear coted, then wet sanded then cleared again to match the tinted gauges and boom, slide it in and screw the pieace back in. drill a whole in the back for the wires/lines and run then throgh into your fire wall and a nice thing is the radio feeds are right there to feed off of. once its togeather it looks great. clean, sleeper. feel free to ask for more pics of it in or lighted up or any questions, and guys, thanks for everything. cant wait to have my car back.
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