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Default Speedometer needle jiggles

Alright, I just picked up my 87 turbo yesterday but there are a few problems. One of them is that when I'm driving the speedometer needle doesn't stay steady and jiggles. Does anyone know what the problem is? Sorry if this is a noob question. :P
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One of the cables (there are two) may be binding slightly, or the gear at the transmission may be going bad. More likely the cable or cables though.
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Every time I have ever run into that problem the lower speedo cable going to the transmission will break soon after. It costs like 13 bucks or so as for the longer part it is a bit pricey.
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I am Also having this problem, How do I fix it,?
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Originally Posted by 2.5RHDsupra View Post
I am Also having this problem, How do I fix it,?
See above. Replace one or both cables, though it's more likely to be the lower cable than the upper one.
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It is most certainly your lower spedomoter cable. you can check your upper cable to see if it is the problem by Disconnecting the connecter screw on the speedo cable itself. Climb under the car and look for a cable coming out of the passanger side of the Transmission (it is the fat black cable that enters your firewall behind the Top of the Bell housing) Get your self a Drill and connect it to the Diamond Shape piece of steel inside the Black cable (its more of a tube and the steel wire sticks out enought o do this) have a buddy watch the gauge and see if it still has the problem when you run the Drill (Clockwise i think).
If it reads and dosnt do what oyu say your gauge and upper cable are in good shape.
Then you get to check the lower cable. you can take that one all the way out by just undoing the screws that attatch the upper and lower cables to each other and the one screw that holds the other end in the transmission.
I broke this cable after my first drift event in March. it cost me 17$ from toyota for an r154. Pull out this cable and just check to see if it binds of feels crappy. The new one is smooth with just a little resistance. if that is OK
Then Time to drain the Tranny and Check the Speedo gear.
Good luck.
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