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Default Rear Wiper (Easy Fix?)

Hey, I recently got a supra and am wondering why the back wiper might not work. My guess is that the plug on the back windshield is disconnected, and thats why. BASICALLY, as you know, THERE ARE 3 plugs on the back of the rear windshield, and I dont even know if it has to do with the wiper.


If anyone had any experience with this, or has advice, or has any suggestions on reconnecting it (its like glued on or sum thing) please reply

ALSO, are you able to run the rear wiper back and forth like the front? Or can you only clean with it? (Basically, how do you turn on the rear wipers, other than squirting them)

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Bill UK
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They are the connections for the heated rear window; the wiper motor plug connection is located in the trunk lid, just where the wiper arm enters the bodywork. You will need to remove the large plastic internal cover/trim, which runs the width of the trunk to gain access.
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That last guy was correct. The wires you are looking at are the heater wires for the defrost. I'll bet that you'll need to purchase another rear wiper motor. Water and moisture collects in that area after it ages from leaking seals in the hatch. They tend to rust after time and fail. Try and hot wire it first, if it shorts out or doesn't turn, it need's replaced. Here's a run through on what you'll need to do:

1. Remove the wiper blade from the motor, DON'T SCRATCH THE PAINT! It will fold up and pull off (use some WD-40).

2. Take off the large nut on the wiper motor, it's on the outside 1 1/8" socket / wrench I believe

3. Pop the hatch. Remove the plastic cover on the underside of the hatch.

4. Unfasten the electrical plug in.

5. Unbolt the rear wiper motor and it should come out. Reverse this sequence to install.

I took mine completely off my project car. I think the rear wiper looks hideous.
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