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Default About to buy a car, what parts should I buy with excess money?

Hello, I have never owned a Supra before, but my friends say they are great. I am looking into a 1988 Turbo one, but I wanted some advice first...

I have about $2500, give or take a bit, to spend on parts.

Also, I don't know THAT much about cars, which is the biggest reason for me needing advice.

List of Modifications already on the car (Not my list, the seller created it):
-Titan Motorsports Head Gaskets
-Greddy Timing Belts
-Polished Ports
-HKS Dragger Exhaust System
-3" dia High Flow Cat
-3" dia TMS Downpipe
-Custom Intake Pipe with Blow-Off Valve Attach
-Megan Strut Bar
-Tanabe Front & Rear Sway Bars
-Cross Drilled Rotors
-Four Painted New Stock Calipers
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Blistein New Stock Clutch
-18" Wheels w/ New Tires
-Bucket Seats w/ Harness Seatbelt
-Reverse Glow Dashboard
-AC S7 Gauges: Turbo Boost, Oil Temp, and Water Temp
-Viper Alarms System With Remote Starter and Auto Window
-Custom Blue Paintjob

Even though that is the full modification list he had posted, I am ONLY looking for performance modifications and supporting mods for performance.

My goal is at least 350 horsepower, but if that is impossible, I will settle for whatever. I would just like it to be as high as possible.

The car has 141,000 miles on it, so I am not sure if that will factor into how much the car can actually take with each mod.

My first idea was to do some modification along the lines of the turbo and boosting. I don't know of any popular, cheap turbos for the supras. But once I establish which one I would want, I would need a boost controlling system. Also, maybe some mild engine work, but you would need to factor in the labor costs into the total price of $2500, as I don't know much about mechanics, really.

If I can just get a couple of lists of modifications you would do with the $2500 and some other suggestions and stuff, it would be great!

Thanks a lot ahead of time!
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MK3 TSRM On-Line

This is where you need to start.
This is the online toyota tech book.

Save it to your favorites.
While you're looking through it. Bare in mind that most of us here work on our own cars.

Mainly because between parts and Labor. It serves us well to turn our own wrenches. These are not beginner cars. You need to read all of the sticky's in this forum and get a feal for what is.... Supra.

Study a bit and get some well formed specific questions.

Because all that you have asked is asked here daily. If you look around you will see where someone has already answered this to some extent.

So feel free to browse. And post. Welcome.
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Hey thanks man, I am going to try to do the labor on as many parts as possible, I just don't want to mess anything up. I am trying to save some money too, ya' know, haha!

Anyway, thanks for being so nice. I definitely can understand how there would be a whole bunch of first time posters and noobies that would ask generic questions like me, sorry.

On another note, about my car, I actually planned out something that will cost just over $2500 which is perfectly fine. Tell me what you think about it, it is all off of this one site that I found yesterday. If you have any other sites to suggest, it would help too though.

Here are the things I would get:
- ($860) Fuel Packages : It includes a Aeromotive -6 FPR w/ stainless steel fuel lines and fittings to directly bolt-in, a Fuel Pressure Gauge, 550cc Injectors (6 each) w/ Injector Clips, and a 255lph Walbro Fuel pump.

- ($680) Electronic Packages : It includes a GReddy Boost Cut Controller, GReddy Profec B Spec 2, and the new Apex-i Neo fuel controller.

- ($760) Cooling Packages : It includes a Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator, Flex-a-Lite Dual Fans, Redline Water Wetter (Qty. 1), and a polished Radiator Upper Hard Pipe

- ($999) CT26 Turbo Upgrade 7MGTE & 3SGTE : Includes a completely rebuilt CT26 turbo with no core required. This is a ready to bolt in CT26 using a Toyota core, modified as required, clipped wheel, rebalanced with integrated wastegate, ready to go. I would get the 60-1: 61lb/min

The thing is, when I first searched last night, I hadn't thought of getting the cooling package, and just as I was making this list I decided to add it there.

However, that ends up being quite a bit over my $2500 limit. Which package do you think I could do without, but still receive maximum horsepower gains?

That is the stuff I need help one, I want a turbo, but I wasn't sure how necessary a cooling package was, or if the stock cooling system would do until I got some money?

Thanks a lot ahead of time!
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