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Jet Krosswind
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Default Which Is Better To Replace First?

Hello everyone, I'm looking at improving my Supra that I've owned for the past 2 years. It has a flawless interior and a great exterior, minus a few scratches. Anyway, I'm looking to replace my NA 7mge engine with 150k miles with a 40k 7mgte that comes with a turbo and everything. Its also an automatic, and I'd like to switch it over to a 5 speed.

Should I just sell my car and buy one that is a 5spd turbo? Or should I keep mine and upgrade it because of its good condition?

And if I do decide to upgrade, should I replace the engine or the tranny first? Or both together?

Thanks in advance


-87 NA 7mge
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I say you should keep the one you have and do the swap... It's getting harder and harder to find a MKIII in good shape, and you are very likely to get a lemon if you get another one. With yours you already know of the problems it has. As for the motor and tranny swap... It would probably be ideal to both at the same time. Makes it easier for installation of parts with both the engine and tranny out of the way, and then installing the two units is easier if they are both connected to each other.

Where are you gonna get the motor from? If it's JDM, be ready to swap over the emissions components. Also, you should tear it apart and rebuild it. It may only have 40k on it, but you don't know how it was ran. It's always a gamble with your motor if you put one in without a rebuild.

And alot of the parts for the Auto to 5spd swap are relatively cheap new, so try to go new for as much as you can. If not a good place to find certain things (like the pedals, etc) would be a pick-a-part or other auto salvage yard that might be in your area.

Let us know how it goes
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bt makes some good points.

If you use a jdm engine and don't rebuild it first.
You're gambling with the cars well being and longevity.

You don't know what you'll be getting engine wise from jdm.
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keep your car, replace both engine and tranny...good luck..
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Jet Krosswind
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thanks everyone, I'll keep you all posted on how its going!
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