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Default no spark

can anyone please tell me why this car will not start it does not appear to be getting spark i have changed the coil and igniter for a working one off a cressida it is and 83 supra by the way please let me know if you can help
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Default No Spark 2

It seems we are having the same problem. My supra started running rough, then quit all together. It will turn over, but with no spark. I changed my coil as well. A friend advised possibly the distributer is bad. Get back to me, as we can try to figure this out.
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Default Any Luck?

Seems I'm having the same problem- no spark at the ignition coil. Distributor looks okay (no apparent cracks or damage)?
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Just had this problem on my 83 Supra. Coil/Ignitor swap didn't help. I'd suggest checking to make sure your not getting spark from the coil, i.e. hold the coil wire close to a ground source (One of the bolts on the top of the strut tower works well) and have someone crank the engine. If you have spark, you have a problem in you distributor. If you don't have any spark, try swapping the coil/ignitor. They are pricey new, i.e. $350.00 and up, so try and find a used one, hopefully a known good one, and retry the spark test from the coil again.

Assuming you've swapped the coil/ignitor with a known good one and still have no spark, do the following: (You'll need a volt meter)

There are 4 connectors coming out of the coil/ignitor. One is typically not connected (test lead), one goes to the distributor, and the other two enter the wiring harness. These two are the one you want. One should be a dirty white/light yellow color. The other should be a brown/tan color.

In the following order:
Turn on the ignition. (run position, but not cranking)
Disconnect the two wires at the connector mentioned above.
Leaving the yellow wire loose, connect your volt meter to the wiring harness site of the brown wire. You should see approximately 12 volts.
If you are seeing 12 volts, voltage is making it to the coil/ignitor. Reconnect everything and try starting the vehicle.

If you do not see 12 volts, carefully inspect the connectors for corrosion or broken wires going into the connectors. (some contact cleaner wouldn't be a bad idea). Assuming the connectors are good, open the fuse box next to the coil/ignotor. You see two wires (fusibile links) that jumper between connectors. With the key on, use your volt meter to verify 12 volts on both sides of each wire. If you don't see 12 volts, or significantly less than 12, i.e. 8 volts, pull the wires on and off several times to clean the connection or use some contact cleaner.

If all the above fails to get voltage to the coil/ignitor, you could have either a ECU or ignition switch problem (both unlikely, but possible) Swapping the ECU isn't hard if you can find another one. I can't verify but was told that the ECU from and 82-85 would work, either manual or automatic. If you suspect your ignition switch is flakey (you'll usually have other indictors) try spraying a little WD40 into the key entry and work the ignition back and forth.

In my case, the brown connector was the culprit and it's running fine now.

Hope this helps!
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Default Thanks-

Thanks for taking the time explaining all the checks on the wiring.
The distributor and belt look okay, the ignition coil is good. Not sure about the ignitor til I test it. Would the ECU or Main relay have anything to do with a 'no spark"?
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Supra Goddess
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If the coil and ignitor is good, and is the RIGHT setup for the car, you need to check ALL YOUR GROUNDS. One bad ground, especially the one under the intake manifold, can cause a no spark issues.

And yes, check all your relays and fuses, even the ones inside the car in the drivers side kickpanel.
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Default No Spark

I'm having no spark issues well I get spark sometimes. I've replaced the coil ignitor, ecm, distributor, and spark plug wires. When the key is initially turned to start position I get a momentary spark then nothing. When I release the key from start I get another spark, but just for a moment. The car has a 5m-ge engine and all the parts seem to be correct I bought it used and not running. I was told it ran well before but the head was worn out. They replaced the head and now no spark! I greatly appreciate all your help!
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