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Default Wes_R + Is250 [41 pics]

Hi guys, so this is a 1 stage polishing write up on a pretty brand new IS250 that was delivered from the dealer swirled up. The owner was pretty upset about the delivery condition and contacted me to correct the paint.

Not much else to say so on to the pics.

My usual routine is to start with the wheels first using P21s Wheel Cleaner Gel which is one of the most safest wheel cleaners out there for all types like forged, adonized, alloy, etc. and it's non acidic as well. You could basically put it on and leave all night and no damage.

Applied it to all the wheels

Then started cleaning the inner barrel with my EZ-Brush

Cleaned the rim face with a microfibre mitt

And all clean

Now on to washing. This is my first thread here so I will do my best to be technical for those that are not familiar with proper washing technique.

I rinsed down the car and right away noticed that there was no protection on the car either wax or sealant. A sign of this is that the water was not beading so no wax and it was not sheeting off so no sealant. It was just sort of sticking to the paint in a sheet like manner but not really coming off the paint, like in this pic.

After the rinse now onto the actual washing using the two bucket method. One bucket is for soap only and the other bucket is water only which is for rinsing dirt off your mitt so that you don't contaminate the soapy water. Bottom line the reason you do this is so that you don't use one bucket and rub the same dirty soapy water all over car causing you to drag dirt all over your paint creating more swirls on your paint.

Probably what the dealer did plus I'm sure it was the same water for at least a couple cars.

Used my natural sea sponge to wash. Also I would like to mention that on panels facing the sky I go in a back and forth motion not a circular motion. And all the panel facing the side I go in an up and down manner.

After each panel or half a panel I rinsed off my sponge.

After rinsing off the car. I dried it with my waffle weave towel which is much more absorbent then a leather or synthetic chamois.

Pulled it in to my garage and started claying the car with Riccardo's Yellow Clay and Meguairs Last Touch cut 25/75 with water. Also wiped off the residue with a second waffle weave towel.

Not bad at all.

After the clay treatment I masked off all rubber trim and prone areas with blue painters tape.

After masking I measured the paint with my Defelsko paint depth gauge to look out for any low points and to look out for any repainted panels.

Paint levels were looking healthy

Now onto the polishing. I used my Flex 3401 with a white Lake Country Pad and Menzerna Power Finish.

Here is a before shot of the paint and an idea of the condition of how they delivered the car.

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Unmasked the car.

After unmasking I gave the car an ipa wipe down to clean off the polishing oils and create a clean surface for the wax to bond to.

Brought out my 3M Sun Gun to inspect my work. A side note the 3M Sun Gun gives off the same spectrum light as the sun so it really helps on very cloudy days or rainy days when I can't use the real sun for a final inspection on my work.

The owner actually works near by me so dropped buy and brought me some Timmies and to see how things were going.

Waxed the car with Swissvax Concorso

While the wax was curing I cleaned the windows and dressed the tires. I have to also say at the time I was running low on Megs Hyper Dressing so had to dilute it for a matte finish on the tires.

Cleaned the windows with Stoners Invisible glass laced with Rain Repellant and my Glass Master Pro and a window microfibre.

I love the Glass Master Pro cause it can reach into tight areas that are normally a pain to do. Here is a pic of it reaching into the back window.

And now the Lexus pron.

I had to kind of rush with these pics because it was getting pretty close to sunset so not to many shots.

I love this reflection shot on the hood.

Some cool reflections shots on the roof.

I thought this reflection was crazy!
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And some sun shots on the paint to show the true condition.

And my final shot.

Hope you enjoyed the write up .

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Default nice!

wooow dude, its nice job you did there.
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