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Default 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo 5-Speed Hardtop $8500/OBO

For sale 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo. Excellent condition inside and out. Car speaks for itself, just look at the pictures. I get stopped and asked/people take pictures/people make offers for the car all the time. Plenty more pictures available upon request.

This is a pristine example of a UNMOLESTED supra. This car is essentially bone stock. No motor modifications or upgrades…100% all original with the exception of recent hoses/gaskets/etc. I purchased the car in December 2011 from a corrections officer in upstate NY. It was garaged kept and has been ever since. He drove it as a weekend sunny day car, I drove it as a daily driver up until this June. I quickly realized that I was killing the value of this car by putting more miles on it. I also got a new job this year which I commute over 40 miles each way. There was no way I was putting that kind of miles on this car. So hello Toyota corolla(36 mpg) for me. I also have a 93 300zx that I have had since high school as well as an R1 motorcycle. Too many toys, so something had to go. Unfortunately for now it is the supra.

Since I bought the car I have done quite a bit of work to it. First things first I bought a Haynes Toyota Supra Manual that will come with the car. Initially I took care of some minor issues with the car:

In December 2011, I replaced the blower resistor(controls air vent speeds) and the leather on the shift boot/e-brake/and shift knob. The old material was cracked and rotted. The shift knob is a TRD knob. The car suffered from the infamous turnkey and nothing happens syndrome. After you turned the key 5 – 10 times it would fire right up. I ordered a starter solenoid kit online, pulled the starter and replaced the contacts…starts like a champ every time ever since.

In February and March 2012, I got the windows tinted and did a tune up. The air filter, spark plugs(NGK Iridium), spark plug wires(NGK), fuel filter, radiator fluid flush, and valve cover gaskets were replaced(slight leak). I also adjusted the parking brake which was loose at the time. It is nice and tight now.

In May I ordered and replaced all coolant and air hoses with a Samco silicone hose kit($280.00). As you can imagine the hoses are hard and brittle on a 25 year old car.

Like hundreds of other MK3 supra owners out there in late May early June I had the privilege to experience the dreaded blown head gasket. At this time I decided to rebuild the engine from the head gasket up. Every gasket, O-ring, hose, and seal from the head gasket up were replaced on this car. I ordered the Toyota Engine Gasket Kit( 04112-42023, $290.00). Which included Toyota OEM head gasket/intake & exhaust gaskets/valve cover gaskets and gromets/throttle body gasket/turbo oil line gaskets/turbo coolant line gaskets/idle speed control valve gasket/ O2 sensor/etc etc EVERYTHING…
I also did the timing belt(belt/spring/tensioners) and water pump(including gasket) while I was in there. While the timing belt was off I replaced the cam seals and crankshaft seal with new OEM Toyota seals. New Cam Position Sensor gasket and cover. I also updated the coolant system with a new radiator, all new hoses, new radiator cap, thermostat, coolant temperature sensor, temperature switch, replaced the fan clutch, and flushed and replaced radiator fluid.

While the heads were off I had them hot tanked and decked. This was the only work outsourced; otherwise I do all my own car work myself.
Once I buttoned her back up, I put on 3 new accessory belts, threw in an ARP head bolt kit($110.00) for added insurance against future blown head gasket.

Some other random things done along the way include replacing the motorized radio antenna with a brand new aftermarket one(only to bend after my first car wash I even replaced all four stereo speakers with aftermarket Sony speakers to improve the sound quality. Original stock radio is still working and used. The rear hatch was squeaking away which is a common problem, so I replaced the rear hatch bumpers with all new rubber as well. I am sure I am forgetting some things but I think you get the point here. The car is a gem and I always go way over the top with all my cars. No half ass’ing or cheap fixes here. I spent over $1600 on parts alone.

The car comes with a Tanabe Medallion Cat-Back exhaust system($700) as well as the original factory exhasust system. I still have it and there is no rust on it. Just to give you an idea of how well taken care of this car is, it still blows cold A/C and has not been converted to R134a, it still has r12 in it which I have not touched or topped off. You can’t find it anywhere. Quarter panels still have vin# stickers on them etc etc etc. See photos. This is (probably) the cleanest supra on the east coast. I do not take the car to shows/races/etc.

Cons: (not really) Mostly just things I haven't got to fixing yet.
-Will need a new oil pan gasket, just never got to fixing it. I noticed It is wet down there(around the front of the oil pan) when changing the oil, but no dramatic leaking or puddles on the driveway.
-Rear hatch bottom latch rattles(might be fixed by the time I sell the car), it just needs to be adjusted. Hatch itself is tight and straight, even threw new rubber bumpers on it to try and quiet it down. I threw a rag in the latch and shut the hatch temporarily to diagnose the issue, does not make a squeak when the rag is in there.
-Passenger side power window button on the drivers side only puts the window down. I have to reach across the car and use the passenger side button to put the window back up.
-Couple of scratches on the car were touched up by the previous owner, none are large but you can spot them if you are washing/detailing the car etc.
-Front hood struts could use replacing, they stay up on their own for quite a while, but eventually lower themselves back down if you aren't paying attention.
-Floor mats could use a refreshening...carpets below are mint though(pictures are without floor mats to demonstrate.

Overall an amazing car. I list these minor issues because it's the kind of stuff that bothers you if you are a car nut. This car is ready to drive wherever you need to go with it. It was a daily driver for me, just needed to save money on gas for my commute.

If I forgot anything ask away. wileyk24@gmail.com
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