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Default *Read Before Posting* Terms of use: Parts For Sale Section

Terms of use: Parts for sale Section

Under no circumstances are third party sales permitted; You may NOT list your uncle's car or your mom's HKS BOV. There will be no stealing of buyers. Do not use another person’s thread for your own sales. No arguing or complaining over the price of any of all items in a person's for sale thread if you are genuinely interested in buying posting an offer is acceptable but sending the seller a PM is preferred. Sales of Supra related items may be posted only by users with 50 or more posts, registered with the forum for one year or more, or with moderator approval. The sale of non Supra related items may be posted only by users with 100 or more posts, registered with the forum for one year or more, or with moderator approval. Any non-Supra ads placed here may be removed at anytime at the discretion of any moderator or administrator.

Thread titles (REQUIRED):
The title of your thread MUST include: Price, location and what's being sold (basic description). "LOTS FOR SALE!!! $$$$$" is not acceptable. If you are listing many items then mention a couple or that it is a part out, stock or aftermarket parts and so on.

Links to auctions:
There are to be NO links to any auctions with no exceptions. Once your item goes up for auction your thread will be closed.

Every thread must contain the following or your ad will be deleted!

NAME: your name - Not your user name.
DESCRIPTION: description of item
PRICE: O.B.O. is welcomed but you must specify a starting price.
PICTURE: Picture of actual item. The seller will be granted 24 hours from time of posting to supply pictures or the thread will be deleted.
If the items are a “part out” or “whole engine” type of sale, please specify and include pictures of the actual vehicle for a general idea of what is for sale.
*ALTERNATE* MEANS OF CONTACT: e-mail, instant messenger or phone number. Just relying on private messaging in not acceptible.
ACCEPTIBLE PAYMENT METHOD(S): Paypal, Check, Money Order, Cash, First Born.

No commercial sales without prior approval and the approving admin must post approval of the ad or it will be deleted. If such an ad is spotted and there is no endorsement it will be locked until the authorizing admin adds their endorsement and reopens the thread. First violation will result in the closure and possibly deletion of the ad, second will result in a 30 day ban and the deletion of all ads. Third will result in a permanent ban and the removal of any and all contact information they have posted. (The only commercial seller permitted to post without individual ad approval is JFLim.)

http://www.toyota-supra.info Owners, administrators or moderators accept no responsibility for damages or other losses which may be incurred through the use of this forum; We are only offering a meeting place for individuals. If there is a dispute party’s involved may contact one of the moderators of the classifieds section and we'll see if there is anything we can do, but no promises. Buyers beware. Any seller knowingly posting faulty ads or acting in a deceitful manner will be immediately banned. Along with all sister forums, the sellers I.S.P and money transferring company being notified of your I.P address and actions. Lastly, the failure to comply with any of the rules mentioned above may result in penalties including the possibility of a permanent ban. If you are warned for a violation you had best pay attention

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