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Default Is this a good deal on an MKIV???

hey guys,

I am new to the Supra world but would really like to own an MKIV. I saw this ad in craigslist and have talked to the owner and am going to check it out tomorrow:

Aright, so heres the deal!

This is a 1993.5 Toyota Supra! Yes, its the Fast and the Furious Body Style.
This Has A Bright Red Exterior With Black Leather Interior!
It Has A Targa-Top and Tinted Windows!
Rare 5-Speed, Non-Turbo
Runs Great, New Clutch n etc etc!
Chrome Toyota Supra Alloys with Newer Tires
Car Has Around 145K Original Miles
PS. I Also Have Another 1993.5 Toyota Supra with practically the same features but its a HardTop (Rare) and Is Black Color!!

HE WANTS $15,000 for either of them

so apparently he has 2 supras that are nearly identical except for the color and the top. And they both have the same mileage. He said they have both just been repainted recently and don't have any scratches or dents. So assuming the exterior is in perfect condition, and the car has been taken care of, is $15k about right for an MKIV N/A with this high of mileage? I am not too worried about the high mileage because it is a toyota and I know many of you get tons of miles with no problems, and I can always buy a Japanese imported engine or rebuild it if I need to for a decent price. Oh and to clarify I am not planning to turbo it or do any big mods on the engine...the most I would do is an intake and exhaust, I mostly plan to do some minor exterior work (ie lowering, rims, tinted windows, etc). I have owned many fast cars (TT 300ZX, FD Rx-7, C5 corvette) and I am out of the fast sports car phase. I basically want a car that would be dependable and a nice daily driver so I can commute to school and work in LA while still having a nice sporty looking car. Supposedly he is a Supra collector and has had 5 of them so I am hoping they are in great mechanical condition. Anyways, any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Sounds like your in the same boat as me...like the sports car, but dont see the need for the turbo or lack of gas milage that comes with it. I dont really know that much about the market value of Mk4's but it sounds like a reasonable price from what I've looked at. Its really hard to say because every local area is different. In Oregon that would be a good price if it truely is in good condition.

Make sure you take into account major costs if it has any. For example new tires can run upwards of $800 for a set. If the leather needs replacing that can be $800 or more as well. Cracked windshield, or other glass replacements are pricey too.

If the paint is shiney, there is no rust noticable, the tires are good and the leather is at least livable...I would say its a fair price!

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